California GOP Convention News: Log Cabin Club Chartered

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Some articles and reactions…

Katy Grimes in FlashReport: LGBT Republican Group Wins Charter in California Republican Party

BreitbartCA: Gay Activist Group Formally Recognized by California GOP

LA Times: State GOP formally welcomes gays to the party

SF Chronicle: After decade of struggle, Log Cabin Republicans win GOP recognition

from Capitol Resource Institute…

Log Cabin Inside the Tent

By a lopsided vote the California Republican Party (CRP) granted a charter to Log Cabin California, a gay Republican organization. Meeting in Sacramento Sunday, Republican delegates voted 861 to 293 to grant official recognition to the California chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans.

“The vote was not surprising since the issue was presented as inclusion in the Party, not endorsement by the Party,” said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. “Of course all political parties want as many people as possible in the tent, because this translates to votes. But it is a different thing for a political party to say that they endorse an organization. And that is what a charter is.”

Log Cabin California noted that they have worked quietly or two years to fit within the standards set by the Republican Party rules to gain a charter. This involved modifying the organizations bylaws and setting up chapters in various parts of California.

“What they did not mention is that last night they took down the California and national Log Cabin websites,” said England. “Just yesterday, the state and national sites described an organization that was in conflict with CRP bylaws and its platform.”

California Republican Party bylaws prohibit chartering organizations of “Republicans for certain lifestyle preferences or orientations” and the California platform opposes same sex marriage. These are at odds with statements on the state and national Log Cabin websites prior to being taken down on Saturday.

“We can hope that when the websites come back up, each will describe Log Cabin California as an organization that puts Republican principles and the current Republican platform ahead of a narrower agenda,” said England. “But this is politics. We fear that Log Cabin leadership said what was necessary to get the votes and will be something quite different tomorrow.”


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  1. Yes, so-called Republican conservative principles like imposing genderless “marriage” on this entire country, stomping on the rights of business owners who disagree with their agenda, supporting the ENDA (one of the most anti-conservative pieces of legislation ever setting up special employment protections for gays, transsexuals, cross dressers and anyone else who claims some special sexual “orientation”), and supporting primarily, not conservative candidates, but gay candidates. That was, after all, what their former Executive Director, R. Clarke Cooper, said was his intent when he joined the RNC Finance Committee. Brilliant? Why didn’t I think of that? Work to destroy the party principles and values from within! Terrific strategy. And not only did the CRP allow it, they are fully invested in it!

    Besides that, Munger and the LCR just bought themselves a newly-minted Progressive Party Platform where all semblance of social values are absent. Enjoy watching that unfold if you can stand it.

  2. In a disturbing turn of events the CRP ignored its own by-laws by moving to recognize and charter the Log Cabin Republicans. Although the CRP Chairman claimed he simply followed the by-laws by turning over the application to the Volunteer Committee. He chose to overlook the elephant in the room by violating another section of the by-laws as noted below:

    C ARTICLE III Miscellaneous

    “(A) The Committee will consider for issuance of a charter, and recognition of delegate positions and appointment rights under these bylaws, any organization whose primary purpose is supporting and promoting the Republican principles and platforms, and will not consider organizations based on special agendas, such as Republicans motivated by profit, Republicans for certain life-style preferences or orientations, Republicans for any personal agenda.”

    Laughably the Chairman also claimed that the Log Cabin group had changed their by-laws and they did not advocate for a certain life-style. I really wondered if that is the case — then what is the purpose of their group? This did not even begin to address the other violation since the Log Cabin group intensely opposes the party platform regarding marriage.

    From CA Log Cabin website
    Published on Apr 22, 2013

    “Log Cabin Republicans is the nation’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing the interests of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans and their allies. For more than 30 years, we have promoted the fight for equality through our state and local chapters, our full-time office in Washington, DC, and our federal and state political action committees.”

    Conservative Republicans were out maneuvered and out gunned by being naive in thinking that by-laws and rules have meaning. They also were unprepared and caught off guard in responding or having their votes present (many from Southern California left before the vote as they had planes to catch) Another underlying factor was the Charles Munger money, whose influence is felt everywhere ever since the party became beholden to him. In another amusing comment from the Chairman, he claimed no knowledge of Munger’s role in the Log Cabin charter push. It was obvious, I observed a Bay Area meeting Saturday night led by Munger as they planned the strategy for the vote at the session the next morning.

    Conservative Republicans have received a warning shot and will simply have to do better. The upcoming CRP Fall convention will have on the agenda the party platform which is always under attack. The life and marriage issue will have to be defended once again.

    Finally, there is one possibly good thing about the new status for the Log Cabin group. They are no longer permitted to support Democrat LGBT candidates or actively oppose the party platform initiatives. If they were to do so as a charter group, their charter should be revoked provided the rules are followed. We will be watching.

  3. I’ve been a fan of this conservative organization since they invited me to organize an NRA seminar at the LGBT Center in Hillcrest a few years ago. So far, the Log Cabin Republicnas are the only conservative group to make this request of me in San Diego County. We had over 40 people from the community show up to learn and we happily raised a lot of eyebrows in the process.

    Since then the Log Cabin Republicans have made it very easy to get involved in conservative Republican causes like campaigning for Republican candidates locally. I’ve walked precincts, delivered yard signs, and made phone calls for Republican candidates with the LCRs because they are the hardest working and most organized of any political group that I’ve come across.

    I don’t know each of their individual stances on issues like same sex marriage. It has never come up. I have seen how the Log Cabin Republicans get involved to support Republican causes and candidates.

    Their monthly meetings are informative and have given me the opportunity to meet and talk to many local elected Republicans. They’ve asked me to organize a trip to the gun range for their April monthly meeting which I am happily doing. So far, they are the only conservative group to make this request too.

    Whether they are defending the rights of the unborn, standing up for gun rights, fighting against tax increases, demanding a secure border, or dismantling the local left-wing media’s attacks, the Log Cabin Republicans are some of the best the Republican Party has to offer. Based on the hard work I have seen locally in San Diego, their charter was earned. Not simply given.

  4. If they aren’t promoting any issue as is claimed, then why the separate group..why did they hold a meeting at the LGBT center, and not at, let’s say, the VFW?

    They support “conservative” causes, just not the one’s they don’t like.

    Would a group that invited one to speak about 2A issues, that in the same meeting, advocated or tacitly supported (either through discussion, action, or as the RPSDC chairman recently did, “neutral” and didn’t take a stand) yet advocated for higher taxes or less stringent immigation policy toward illegals…would they have also garnered full-throated support from the self-proclaimed conservative posers of the GOP?

    Nah, no one else would believe that either. This is all about political correctness and watering down the convictions of the party in the attempt to appear more tolerant and to marginalize true conservativsim as it is reflected in Marriage and Life. (They keep being told it doesn’t poll well with mods and liberts)

    The Moderate Establishment types have made a deal (or at least joined inertia) with the Libertarians to eek out those pesky conservatives (“those Christians” as was famously overheard by senior leadership of the RPSDC) …and with leadership at the top of the RPSDC “abstaining” (very Obama-esque of him), his historical and monumental “inaction” shouted volumes for the future of the party…so much for his previous support, and that of the GOP, on Prop 8…but makes for an interesting Reconciliation session I’m sure…

    So the war on conservatives is now completely overt…as was predicted years ago..just as they are doing right now in AZ with McCain and his relentless efforts to marginalize TP and conservative platforms and positions.

    While many people will disagree on whether that on the merits, Marrige or Life, are worthy causes to defend or not is not the point (news flash-they are); the point is Reagan’s tent was never meant to be some sort of fast and loose Persian bazaar where we maneuver and manipulate our core principles all for the sake of perceived crass political pragmatism, and lose the deal to maintain the conviction and ideology on which the party was founded.

    Perhaps TA will take bets on what the next “GOP Platform” item will be to go the way of the “dodo” succumbing to left-shifting pressure…since we’re “evolving” and all..what is the Mod/Libts establishments next “evolutionary” steps..Higher Taxes? Weak/Less intrusive DefenseUS ? Infringing on the 2A? Limiting School Choice? Ignoring Border Security? Curbing Deregulation?

    One thing is for sure; the Modern Family of the GOP has proven it couldn’t care less on the platform, conviction, or ideology. It only cares about power, money, influence.

    With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats…

  5. FF, I’m just relaying my personal experiences with the LCRs. And in my personal experience they get Republican things done by getting off their ass rather than talking out of it.

  6. Post

    Wow, Schwartz. In the words of the Libertarian Lass, “shooting skills and general badassery.”

  7. Since the Republican Party was formed prior to the Civil War, it has been first and foremost the party of “free soil, free speech, free labor.” It is the party of prosperity, vision and strength. It has only recently become the “party of Christian values” to a vocal subset of people who also happen to be Republicans. Under the guiding principles, Republicans should be free to worship as they choose and behave accordingly, without imposing their beliefs upon fellow Republicans, as long as the principles they hold in common stay true. This is why many who were formerly registered Republicans left to become Libertarians.

    A Republican freed the slaves, desegregated schools and signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Republicans elected many of the first women and minority representatives in Congress. Republicans and LGBT activists have far more in common than they have differences. Both want the right to govern their lives as they and their personal religion and moral beliefs see fit, so long as it does not harm anyone else. No wonder our Log Cabin colleagues are motivated to work so hard. Good on them, that’s my idea of general badassery.

  8. If anyone believes that the gay center in Hillcrest allowed any meeting promoting the NRA on their property than they also believe that Carl DeMaio was elected mayor of San Diego in 2014. That is simply nonsense. The gay center in Hillcrest is run by the leaders of the local Democratic Party and the last thing they would be tolertating on their premises is anything to do with the GOP, muchless anything to do with the NRA. I know everything the Log Cabin is up to and I can assure you they are not promoting the interests of the Republican Party platform. The quid pro quo deal that was made to charter them will eventually be followed up with a minor news story in the press about their departure from the GOP. It is only a matter of time before the backroom deals and the devils who have been making them will be brought out into the light for the whole world to see….in just a little while….you will see. If I was really interested in expending the energy, I would publicly scold the corruption inside of the local GOP with the local Log Cabinites. Please don’t cause me to be interested – I’ve got a mountain of evidence that is just itching to be scratched.

  9. By the way, just so we are all on the same information page regarding the agenda of the San Diego Log Cabin “Republicans” – I’m referring to the one in San Diego where local gay porn promoting transvestite “nun” Nicole Murrary Ramirez is regularly seen with the SD Log Cabinites at their events. This is the same Ramirez who campaigned for Bob Filner to become mayor. When he isn’t bashing Christian Conservatives for their support of the GOP platform of traditional marriage and opposition to abortion, Ramirez is meeting with the SD Log Cabinites to plot out Democrat Party schemes to re-work the GOP platform so that it supports gay marriage and abortion rights. I can document EVERYTHING I post and more so. Less anyone’s memory becomes foggy with the rainbow glitter of the Log Cabinites, let me remind y’all of what the mission statement of the Cabinites in San Diego declared until they hid it this week (although the same dark mindset is well secured within the the minds of those who hid it): “Defeating the radical right and ‘transforming’ the GOP will allow gay and lesbian Americans to achieve full equality much sooner — decades sooner. The radical right represents the last remaining obstacle on the path to full equality. Defeat them at the grassroots of the GOP and all of us can enjoy the benefits of liberty much sooner.” In other words, Republicans like Joel Anderson, Brian Jones and Duncan Hunter will be targeted for defeat if Ramirez and Lob Cabin Demo-er-Republicans get their way and replaced with the likes of former Log Cabin “Republican” National Convention speaker Mark Foley, the disgraced Republican Florida congressman who resigned after sexually propositioning underage male congressional pages, and any number of other closeted socialist homosexuals laced with Gill Fund money. Don’t get me started, I’ve got an itch that needs to be scratched.

  10. Here’s a link to some advertising we did to promote the NRA seminar:

    Here’s a local political blog promoting one of the NRA seminars:

    Here’s a description of that NRA seminar:

    In order to get it done I had to go in front of a panel of representatives from a number of different LGBT groups. I and the Log Cabin Republicans were the only conservative groups in the room. I told them I’d like to focus on an area where we agree and that is personal safety which is what the NRA’s Refuse to be a Victim seminar is all about. Those in the LGBT community are disproportionately victims of violent crime because, believe it or not, there are people out there who dislike them based on who they have relationships with.
    The seminar went really well.

    If you’d like, James Hartline, I am happy to host a seminar for whatever group you’re a part of.

  11. The LGBT Center did allow the NRA to hold a seminar there (two summers ago). I was with Michael to help him.

    It wasn’t a smashing success and the folks who worked at the LBGT Center looked askance at the guy in the Republican polo shirt but, make no mistake about it, the NRA was at the LBGT Center in Hillcrest. Those people, who attended, got a great education in personal safety and self-defense.

    All that proves is that Michael Schwartz is a tireless advocate of teaching all people how to “shoot straight”. He can rely on me, anywhere he goes, to help him teach that.

  12. We actually did the seminar at The Center twice about a year apart.

    At the first one we had over 40 people attend. The second one that Brian is talking about wasn’t as successful.

    Attendance at NRA Refuse to be a Victim seminars vary, but if an instructor gets half a dozen to show up, he is doing well. 40 is enormous.

  13. Post

    Re: James Hartline’s commnet, “If anyone believes that the gay center in Hillcrest allowed any meeting promoting the NRA on their property than they also believe that Carl DeMaio was elected mayor of San Diego in 2014.”

    Mr. Hartline may believe want he wants about this whole issue, as can anyone here, but we believe it’s been fairly established that these events were indeed held at the The Center, despite the initial implication.

    Enough said there.

    Carry on.

  14. “I and the Log Cabin Republicans were the only conservative groups in the room”

    So, no conservatives in the room….thanks for the clarification…

  15. “Both want the right to govern their lives as they and their personal religion and moral beliefs see fit, so long as it does not harm anyone else.”

    Does that include transgender public school bathrooms for 11 year olds and sodomy graphically illustrated in Junior High School “Health Class”? Does that include the opposite where sodomy, “Rainbow Day” and “Pick- a- gender” week replaces praying, Christmas, and the Pledge of Allegiance? Clearly, in addition to marriage, new definitions are arising on what constitutues “harm” in the Modern Society. The New GOP is making a difference…well done guys!

  16. FF, you’re better than this. You’re conflating a ton of issues here.

    Two thoughts:

    1- The Republican Party is a “raise your hand” affiliation, not a country club. If you raise your hand, you’re in.

    2- The Republican Party is not necessarily conservative.

    Once you accept those two thoughts, you accept help from people who don’t subscribe to your personal beliefs.

  17. TA– We clearly have very different definitions of “badassery.”

    But while were on the subject of your continued impartiality for people across the spectrum on this site, perhaps you may actually see if any of the proposed questions are actually answered…there’s a novel idea for a website facilitator…

    For example…and I’m just spitballing, seeing you’re the professional,

    -Why does the Log Cabin Republicans need a separate group, since they claim to have “watered” down their charter to fit the CRP bylaws?

    -If the LCR are so conservative, as has been alleged by some of your buddies here, why are they focused on issues that have no basis in Republican Conservatism?

    -If the idea is “we don’t care what people do with their own lives, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else,” then why disclose sexual preference at all? I have never seen heterosexual candidates disclose their heterosexual preferences, why does anyone care or need to disclose their homosexual, bi-sexual, trans-sexual, or other preference?

    That’s what I think some would like to know…I know its nutty, but that’s what I thought Rostra meant; an exchange of ideas…I guess it’s about being snide and derogatory to people with whom we disagree…

    Got it…I’ll try to catch up.

  18. Yes, Mayor DeMaio was flustered that he wasn’t the main speaker at a recent San Diego Log Cabin “Republican” event where the main speakers were…drum roll…

    Progressive Democrat candidate and long time leader of the San Diego Democratic Club (the homosexual chartered Democrat Party group) Stephen Whitburn. Unlike the SD Log Cabinites, the SD Democratic Club does not endorse or allow Republicans to be main speakers at the meetings of their group of socialist Democrats.

    In addition to Democrat Stephen Whitburn, the SD Log Cabinites also featured at their event long time Democrat Delores Jacobs.

    I am wondering if Mr. Krvaric is still upholding his county GOP policy of banning Republicans who promote and embrace Democrat Party candidates? Since Progressive Democrat Stephen Whitburn has been devoted to defeating Republican candidates, I am wondering what sort of backroom deal Mr. Krvaric has approved for a newly chartered Republican club to be featuring at their meetings Democratic Party operatives who are working to dismantle the GOP and to defeat GOP candidates.
    And for those like Mr. Brady who continuously play the “Catholic” card right about election time, he seems to have no problem with going to a gay center where blasphemous transvestite nuns wearing around their necks sex toys with Jesus hanging on them as cruxifixes are prominent fixtures during the gay center events.

    I would say that prosperous GOP candidates who have given their money to the local party during their campaigns while Democrat Party candidates and operatives like Stephen Whitburn helped defeat their candidacies, well, I would think they would be asking for refunds from Mr. Krvaric for the defect that is now obvious in the local and state GOP.

    Like I said, it will be a very short chartered voyage for the sinking Lob Cabinite cruise in the state GOP. That itch is very itchy and I have got a mountain of evidence that I am itchin’ to reveal to our fellow Republicans and the press. I think history has proven repeatedly that I never make a claim I can’t follow up with thoroughly documented evidence. I don’t like evil, not one bit. And I don’t like deception either. The devoted GOP voters of San Diego deserve better than the scandalous scam of the SD Log Cabinites. They deserve much better.

  19. And for your information Mr. Brady. The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center is a 501c3 charity that receives approximately $2 million per year in government funds. As such, it is bound by law not to promote or allow groups on its property that advocate the sales or distribution of weapons on its property. Approximately 10 years ago, there was a major FBI investigation into the appearance at the gay center of Rodney Coronado, a convicted bomb making arsonist and member of the animal rights terrorist group the Animal Liberation Front. During the same week that Mr. Coronado taught a bomb making class at the gay center during a meeting by a group that rented out space at the center, there was a major arson event attributed to the ALF in San Diego that burned down a massive apartment complex under construction that cost redevelopers and investors over $50 million. The gay center has a very clear policy of not allowing classes or meetings advocating the use or sales of weapons. This policy was strongly urged after the investigation by law enforcement of Coronado’s appearance at the gay center. You are very foolish for attempting to play the field to accomplish your personal political agenda which is clearly not in the interest of the GOP.

  20. Brian,

    I would stiplulate on both less one pink elephant in the room (especially the “not conservative” statement…though the term is often used to assauge and to placate true conservatives by clear NON conservatives) ; the war ON conservatives.

    If you believed in the issues you illustrate above, that would stipulate that there is no effort to marginalize (social) conservative views…Where the GOP has dickered with various margins of , let’s say, a tax rate, or size of the navy, or what constitutes real border security (a fence vs. monitioring measures)..but that is not what is at issue here…the marginalizing of conservatives by making overt, concerted, orchestrated efforts at KEY/FOUNDATIONAL precepts is a not a debate of personal beliefs alone…it is an attack directly on the core issues that are foundational to the party..anchor points that separated the GOP from the Democrats (as I have argued before, but doesn’t seem to be accepted by those rejecting it..i.e a “conservative” candidate that wants to raise taxes, or curtail the 2A, or arguing for more regulation..)…

    If this was just about “opening the tent” that would be one thing; but its not..and you know its not…it is about separating Christian conservatives by marginalizing Life and Marriage to where “sure you can believe that, but you can’t advocate or promote them..” How long will it be at the RPSDC meetings where the opening prayer will be considered “offensive” because it promotes a Christian biased and therefore is intolerant to gays?

    Are you prepared to raise your hand for that, My Friend?

  21. Post


    1) The comment about “badassery” was directed at you in no way, nor was it meant to be “snide and derogatory” to anyone. It was a joke about Mr. Schwartz. Looking at it even in retrospect, we don’t see how it could be construed as being snide or derogatory to you or anyone else. We’ll save those kinds of comments for another time. 😉

    2) Thanks for telling us what we should be doing. You would be wrong. It is not our job to guarantee a particular exchange of ideas, or that any specific questions are answered. It is our job to provide the opportunity for that to take place, should bloggers and commenters choose to act on it.

    We do our best to guarantee equal opportunities here. We don’t guarantee equal outcomes.

    However, if we do see a significant call from those on this site for us to ensure a quota system for comments, or for a Rostra Equal Time Act — we’ll take the site down.

    That said, in that we do hope for a hearty exchange of ideas, we certainly hope that someone would choose to answer your questions. We also hope that others who share your views would join the discussion. We simply can’t guarantee either will take place, but we will provide the forum.

  22. From this year’s Influentials-
    “Founding Father”
    “Since you asked ‘for better or worse’ I’d list him up there (for worse).

    “We do our best to guarantee equal opportunities here”

    Right…of course you do…silly drip of impartiality…

    Oh, and Cha Cha..conservatives prefer MMA…not WWE…down, but never out.. 🙂

  23. Post


    The wording for every single “Influential” was used exactly as submitted by the nominator. We didn’t write it, in other words. We’d hope it was an honor to be included.

    The other part of what was submitted and included about you: “…the voice against DeMaio that he represented is likely to have cost the race in a year that proved ripe for Republican victories … there were other factors, but the group that ‘Founding Father’ represented definitely played a part.”

    Terribly one-sided bias against you. Bias would have been to ignore the fact that you were mentioned and not include it. Heck, we could have even gotten away with deciding only real names were allowed in the final list of selections. But, no, we didn’t.

    In fact, yours was the ONLY name on the list that was anonymous.

    It was a list of influentials and at least one person thought you and others you represent had an impact on a major race.

    How biased for us to include you. We’ll compare your definition of bias with our definition of egotistical any day of the week.

  24. “If this was just about “opening the tent” that would be one thing; but its not..and you know its not…it is about separating Christian conservatives by marginalizing Life and Marriage to where “sure you can believe that, but you can’t advocate or promote them..”

    I don’t believe that to be true but I’ve been fooled before. I will disagree with you for now but take your comment as good-faith counsel.

  25. Egotistical….I guess…now if I only had an identify, I’d really have something…TA!

    The honor was not solely on being mentioned as an Influential (however, at the sake of coming across as ungrateful..thank you..)

    No, the real honor was unseating the anointed GOP insider hack with political positions absolutely antithetical to the GOP, not to mention his repeating challenge with basic ethics and the truth…..while I am convinced more and more from evidence presented and anecdotes relayed my way, the final effort was noteworthy if not definitive, given the race was so close…I can’t help but smile knowing I may have had a small part to play in that.

    I also discovered some very seedy and unsavory things about the RPSDC, and its leadership as well…far beyond the standard stuff bantered around, but some real foundational and administrative anomalies if not regularities that perhaps have gotten enough good people to rethink getting behind an organization simply because it has “GOP” behind it…especially as it has shown its true un-Republican colors with the last “non” vote at the CRP.

    I’m also grateful I and several former GOP faithful (and donors) won’t be wasting another KCal of energy supporting such a malfunctioning group and supporting the continued horrible choices of self-serving leadership and its consultant-class overseers.

    Finally, I am terribly grateful for all those that took shots at what were fellow Republicans (some for 20-30-40 years) and desperately tried to craft any and all opposition to Mr. DeMaio as “homophobic” over the those several months, witnessing their self-righteousness in their predictions of first how Jorgensen was not going to get out of the low single digits (last count, over 20% and I’ve heard closer to 24%…tens of thousands of San Diegans..when some of the most vociferous critics and self-anointed pundits ALL were saying he had no impact..), and then watching the same know-it-all Republican poser-pragmatists crash and burn after the election as the sinking feeling of all that deception, back-room machinations, arm twisting, holding of noses, ill-will, soul-denting, nasty antics, and political finagling all shrouded as “political pragmatism” was for nothing….

    So..thank you TA, and all the critics and even those anonymous types that I can disclose now were not so anonymous…it truly was great participating and I’m genuinely grateful Rostra was there to record it all for future would-be GOP-ers to study and research so they know precisely with whom they are dealing.

    Thanks! 🙂

  26. Brian,

    We shall see…Yet, the rate at which Catholics and Evangelicals able to speak their minds are being pressured and even silenced from the political scene is only out-paced on how they are being squeezed out from the public schools, colleges (for a while now) and the government. All references to Jesus or God are quickly stifled, and if allowed to be presented, are shrouded in euphemisms like “All Powerful”, “Higher Power”…’Earth Mother”..etc..Even when POTUS visited Georgetown, his staff insisted they cover the imagery of God and Jesus behind him…as if they didn’t know they were speaking at a Catholic University.

    With the pervasive onslaught of LGBT sensitivity training across all sectors of American life, school, work, gender-neutral family norming, sodomy illustrated in Junior High Health Class, Transgender Prom Queens/Kings, and virtually every major TV show introducing or featuring openly some sexually/gender alternative couples and characters, including comics cartoons for children, you can absolutely bet at some point the argument will be made where anything related to Jesus, the Hebrew Bible, or Christianity will be suspect, and the “law” will dictate what once was, until fairly recently, considered mainstream American (note: not government) ideology when it came to the Judeo-Christian influence on the exceptional American experience will be shunned…if not prohibited.

    Not to be flippant,..but I pray I am wrong.

  27. By the California GOP legitimizing the Log Cabin “Republicans”, they took sides in the culture wars. It was a very bad move in my opinion. The San Diego GOP delegates should have abstained on this vote and not taken sides.

    People can say that it is only rewarding a group that is working hard for the Republican cause and changed their charter in line with the CAGOP. Most Christian Conservatives that I talk with on a regular basis here in San Diego disagree. They think it was a short-sighted move that deals a fatal blow to family values and the Republican brand. By taking sides with the Gays who are 4% of the population, it was a huge slap in the face for Christian Conservatives. Christian Conservatives, a very large percentage of voters in San Diego, have always been the backbone of the Republican Party in San Diego and are very high propensity voters. But over 80,000 Republicans in San Diego have switched to DTS in the past few years, and moves like this are an important reason why.

    One thing to understand is, in my opinion, gays are natural Democrats and nothing will change that. Carl Di Maio, a Gay Republican, told me they voted heavily for Scott Peters. He went out of his way in 2014 to portray himself as a strong Gay activist but it didn’t help. Further, despite Kevin bending over backwards to court the Gays, an analysis by Comparative Advantage after the election, showed the Gays voting heavily for David Alvarez. Since the Gays don’t vote Republican, and never will in my opinion, there is no reason to bend over backwards for them.

    Instead, San Diego Republicans should go out of their way to court their natural constituents, the Christian Conservatives and bring them back to the Republican Party.

  28. The Charade Lives On: It’s a revelation (not to me as I already know what they really are) to the less informed as they read of the lack of any core moral compass directing the stewards for soft-pedaling homosexuality into the GOP. There is clearly a lack of political sophistication among the former promoters of loser and professional carpetbagger Carl DeMaio. They have gone from waving rainbow pom poms for DeMaio to now showing open disdain for San Diego GOP representatives who voted to “insert” the Log Cabin “Republicans” into the bowels of the state GOP.

    These are the same DeMaioized followers who continue to sell the sham philosophy that the GOP continues to lose national state campaigns because it won’t endorse homosexuality and they won’t remove social issues from the party’s focal points during elections. The GOP won the presidency under George H. Bush, George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan by pushing social issues and a strong national defense and giving a place of honor and influence to Christian Conservatives. It was not that long ago when Republicans were perennial victors of the California governorship and they controlled the state legislature, in particular by being tough on crime in the state.

    Since Grover Norquist sent Ron Nehring, Carl DeMaio, Steve Francis and foreign born Tony Krvaric into San Diego to takeover the county GOP, they have purposefully removed all Christian Conservatives from the GOP committees and dismantled and degraded all support within the party for Christian Conservative issues. The result has been catastrophic. The idea that somehow the few homosexuals in San Diego are going to be divided up between the GOP and the Democrats to replace the loss of tens of thousands of Christian Conservative voters who simply will not be bribed into voting for “Republican” homosexual activists is preposterous. Only corrupted minds who view the world through their corrupted visions believe in such a warped fashion. They are so deceived that they cannot see that they are destroying the once winning coalition for one that caters to their pocketbooks and their hidden sexual proclivities.

    The circus that came to town aboard a train that has Ronald Reagan hanging on every car, playing loudly Devo’s Whip It, Whip It Good from the 1980s from every loud speaker and a host of foreigners whose histories are redrafted to accomodate their parasitic assignments for Norquist – well, all I have to say about that circus is the recent press release from Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey: they will be retiring the use of elephants from their infamous 3 ring circus events.

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