Breaking: Poll shows high disapproval for Obama in Peters-DeMaio contest area

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Disapproval of President described as “intense”

The best weapon Carl DeMaio has in his campaign arsenal may very well prove to be Barack Obama.

Survey results show President Obama’s approval ratings extremely low in the 52nd Congressional District, where Republican DeMaio is challenging incumbent Democrat Scott Peters in a nationally watched race.

The poll, to be released today by the Republican Party of San Diego County, indicates widespread disapproval of Obama’s performance, not only with Republicans but also among key non-partisan and minor party voters.

“Approval of President Obama’s job performance is low and weak, as only 39 percent give him kudos and just 16 percent strongly approve of the job he is doing,” said John Nienstedt of Competitive Edge Research. “In contrast, most voters disapprove and a large majority of that disapproval is intense.

“The evaluation of the President’s job performance in CD-52 is worse than it is among likely November voters throughout California … Republicans excoriate the President, as 77 percent of them strongly disapprove of the job he is doing. That may be expected, but non-partisans and members of minor parties also generally disapprove of the President as well. Only Democrats are left standing by their man, and even then their support is more qualified than intense.”

Key as well, said Nienstedt, “The survey projects a five percent Republican cushion, as GOP voters are expected to make up 38 percent of the electorate compared to 34 percent for the Democrats.”

Most political watchers believe the outcome of the Peters vs. DeMaio contest will hinge on voter turnout between major parties and the sentiments of independent voters.  Approval ratings often drive the motivation for voters of a sitting president’s party to decide to either vote or “stay at home,” while non-partisan voters often “swing” against a party or president with low approvals.

Local Republicans are bolstered by the results. “Middle of the road Americans who just want government to work for them instead of getting in their way are rejecting President Obama and his policies,” said San Diego GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric. No matter how he tries to spin it, Scott Peters is Obama personified. Voters deserve a fresh start with Carl DeMaio.”

The survey results come two days after a Republican poll showing voters in the 52nd Congressional District significantly more enthusiastic about supporting Republican candidates than they are Democrats, as well as a SurveyUSA poll showing DeMaio with a three point lead over Peters.


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  1. Obama comes to the 52nd Congressional district to campaign (at taxpayer expense) — but only to pick up big checks from the liberal elites in private fundraisers. He’s carefully screened away from the great unwashed.

    Too bad. It’d be GREAT if Obama came out and openly campaigned to help Scott Peters get re-elected!

    I’m sure Peters is disappointed he’s not here. I KNOW DeMaio is!

  2. Um, if they polled about Obama, you’d think they would poll about Carl D. as well, right?

    It’s hard to believe they didn’t.

  3. Did someone say that was the entire results?

    Do you know what an internal poll is?

    Do you believe that a campaign should poll and then go public with things that relate to private campaign strategy?

  4. Thorette makes an excellent point. Campaigns do polls for two reasons:

    1. Publicly hype the campaign.
    2. Find out what the real sentiments are of the voters, and break it down demographically for targeting.

    No sane campaign manager releases the results for the questions asked for the second reason. Why do the polling for the opposition? Good polling is expensive. Let ’em pay for their own polls!

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