BREAKING: Poll shows DeMaio and Filner in a virtual tie with Fletcher in third

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San Diego Rostra has obtained new poll results that place Bob Filner and Carl DeMaio in a virtual tie for the lead in the race to become San Diego’s next mayor followed by Nathan Fletcher.

“With an aggressive, well-funded campaign Filner is poised to advance in the San Diego Mayoral Race,” a two-page Feb. 29 memo highlighting the poll results says.

Filner’s campaign, which commissioned the poll from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, is anything but aggressive and well-funded. He recently admitted he needs more money.

As the only Democrat among the Big 4, Filner has played the content card while the three Republicans — DeMaio, Fletcher and Bonnie Dumanis — do battle. And that battle has mostly involved DeMaio and Fletcher.

Fletcher’s campaign is very well-funded and well-organized. His problem continues to be name ID, but that will change as he invests in TV ads and other promotions.

Does Fletcher overtake Filner and square off with DeMaio in November? What does this poll say about Dumanis and her chances in June? Her campaign has struggled to match the momentum of the DeMaio and Fletcher campaigns.

Here are the key results:

Filner: 27

DeMaio: 26

Fletcher: 20

Dumanis: 12

Undecided: 15

Click here and here to read the full synopsis.


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  1. Makes sense. April will be a good month to be selling TV spots.

    Hey Rostra – we need a Barry J. administered pool as to the date the various candidates first get on the air 😉 I am saying both Carl and Nathan by next week. Fun times by all!!!

  2. Take it from someone who has observed Bob Filner’s career for a long time: anyone who underestimates him is DREAMING.

    If his campaign has been low-profile, it’s because he made a conscious decision to do so. He has plenty of allies, notably in Labor, to help him finish strong in the next 2 months.

  3. Conservatives can’t under estimate Filner, he is obviously sand bagging. Pick a side and support it.

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