Breaking: El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells announces for Duncan Hunter seat

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The buzz-rumor in recent weeks has run rampant, including Congressman Darrell Issa and former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio jumping into the 50th Congressional District, either against or not against incumbent Duncan Hunter, depending on the situation (and the rumor mongerer).

Yet, few if any saw this one coming.

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells this morning will announce he’s jumping into the race.

That news is confirmed.

A press conference will take place within the hour.


Local GOP Chairman Tweeted…

@TonyKrvaric: The Republican Party of San Diego County has endorsed and stands by its endorsement of @Rep_Hunter. If Democrats believe they can take #CA50 they must be smoking something. @nrcc @gop #rpsdc

Here’s the post-conference press release from Wells…

Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon Running for 50th Congressional District

Conservative Republican Business Owner, Behavioral Health Medical Professional Brings Nearly 15 Years Public Office Experience

EL CAJON, Calif. (Feb. 20, 2018) —- Mayor Bill Wells of El Cajon today announced his candidacy for the 50th Congressional District in the presence of family, friends and the media at the Ronald Reagan Community Center in El Cajon, a city in east San Diego County.

Wells brings nearly 15 years of public office experience to his candidacy, including his current tenure as Mayor of El Cajon. The doctor of clinical psychology owns and operates Broadwell Health, a behavioral health care facility.

The conservative Republican has been endorsed by more than a dozen notable elected leaders, including Mayor Steve Vaus of Poway and Mayor Richard Bailey of Coronado.

“I am running for the 50th Congressional District because I believe I can bring conservative Republican values to Washington, D.C.,” said Wells, 56. “My reputation as a leader and problem solver has lead to incredible business growth and prosperity for my community.”

California’s 50th Congressional District serves more than 730,000 constituents and stretches from Temecula to El Cajon and east to the Imperial County line, including communities such as Alpine, Borrego Springs, Escondido, Fallbrook, Julian, Lakeside, Ramona, San Marcos, Santee and Valley Center.

Wells, a La Mesa, Calif. native, first joined the political world as an advocate for a hospital employer, both at the local and state level. In 2004, he served as a Planning Commissioner and was later elected to the El Cajon City Council in 2008. When the prior mayor resigned in 2013, then Mayor Pro Tem Wells was appointed to serve out the remainder of the term. In 2014, Wells was elected as Mayor of El Cajon winning 83% of the vote.

He has also served as President of the Grossmont Union High School District’s Proposition H Bond Oversight Committee and was appointed to the board of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

“Here’s what I stand for: limited government, the sanctity of life, property rights, a strong national defense and a secure border,” Wells said. “I will dedicate my time in Washington, D.C., to reducing the national debt, rejecting tax increases, and unburdening workers and small business owners to realize their full potential.”

Despite his many accomplishments, Wells did not grow up dreaming of one day running for Congress. 

“My story is not unlike that of so many other Americans,” he said. “My family legacy was to be an alcoholic, to struggle for every dollar and every single meal, to never realize my full potential.

“That was the destiny of my father,” he continued. “I was eight years old when a police office came to my door to tell me my father had taken his own life; finally losing his battle with alcoholism.”

At 11, Wells started a paper route in the Rolando neighborhood. Then Jack-in-the-Box at 16. In high school, he had his first dream of a way out: college.

Yet, post-college life still posed challenging. His first marriage ended with Wells as a single dad with sole custody of his then two young children. They lived in a small studio apartment.

He later married his wife Bettie Wells, a therapist. Together, the Wells have three children and four grandchildren.

Oldest son, Matt Wells,29, joined the family business after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps where he served as a Sergeant in Force Recon. Daughter, Katie Crosby, 28, lives with her family in Seattle where they own a contracting company. Youngest son, Eli, 20, is an Emergency Medical Technician and is working towards becoming a firefighter paramedic. The Wells family belongs to Skyline Wesleyan Church.

“It is my deeply held belief that holding public office is one of the greatest, most sacred jobs in America,” Wells said. “And I find it so incredibly American that even a kid like me, from a broken and impoverished family, can dare to dream of service in Washington, D.C. If you elect me to the 50th Congressional District, I will not let you down.”

Learn more about Bill Wells at 


Bills Wells of El Cajon is the conservative Republican running for the 50th Congressional District. He brings nearly 15 years of public office experience to his candidacy, including his current office as Mayor of El Cajon. The doctor of clinical psychology owns and operates Broadwell Health, a behavioral health care facility. He and his wife, Bettie, have three children and four grandchildren.


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  1. No arguing the strength that has been the Hunter brand, but now a tarnished one.
    Now living with his parents and being out fundraised by Dems.

    What are families in the 50th getting from their representative? More big government – more swamp.

    He has not been a reformer. Content to win awards from congressional staffers for “Biggest Party Animal”. Win’s elections by 40 points yet uses safe seat to vote for crony capitalism …. Ex/Im Bank, farm subsidies, against the Budget Control Act 2011, Ukrainian loan guarantees on the backs of San Diego taxpayers and voted for the repeal of the 4th Amendment (unlawful search and seizure).

    Republicans now have a choice. How about an individual of character and one a bit more enamored with our great ideas?

    Note the courage of the one stepping forward. Now it’s up to us. Is the swamp just in Washington or does it extend into east county? We’ll shall see. One thing is for sure. Reform will not take place in Washington until it first takes place in the 50th.

    Unfortunately, attempts to get the 71st Caucus to suspend Hunter’s endorsement in light the DOJ investigation have fallen on deaf ears.

  2. Eric, you forgot to add to the list of ills that affect Duncan D. Hunter that he’s under investigation for campaign finance violations. Time for a change in the 50th for certain!

  3. Wells and Hunter should have the whackadoodle vote all tied up, leaving a serious opening for Carl to win the primary with only a plurality of votes.

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