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I must confess, I heard so many terrible things about this movie from fellow Christians, I was prepared to hate it. Much to my pleasant surprise, I found director Darren Aronofky’s version of Noah and the deluge to be well written, emotionally stirring, and most important, Biblically accurate. One would think that true believers would embrace this epic, stylish slice of cinema instead of wasting so much time with inappropriate protests.


The movie catches your attention from the very first moment with a brisk pace and an engaging story. The only liberties taken were for dramatic purposes and do not deviate at all from Aronofshky’s obvious respect and faithful allegiance to the Scripture with which he was entrusted. It is as if he viewed his own task as being every bit as sacred as the job God once gave Noah himself.


Russell Crowe breathes life into a character that up to now was known only through a handful of chapters from the early portions of Genesis. The portrayals of Noah’s family and enemies are also offered up with that special blend where talent meets skill.


Noah not only delivers a dramatic punch, but fun entertainment as well. Evangelicals and others with strong religious convictions should appreciate the creative way in which Judeo-Christian values are embraced.


Noah is good, wholesome, family entertainment. You will leave the theater feeling warmed all over with a new lease on life.


Now…….I should say…… There is one final point which needs to be made, perhaps the most significant of all……..






















A P R I L F O O L!!!!!!!


In tomorrow’s column I will tell you the truth and you will hear how I really feel about this piece of ….Um……This piece of art.


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