Bob Filner and Scott Peters’ Second Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary to Bob Filner & Scott Peters

Scott Peters and His Backers Continue Pattern of Hypocrisy and Partisan Political Games on Social Issues

San Diego – Today, April 30, marks the second anniversary of Scott Peters’ political alliance with Bob Filner – and serves as a reminder that Scott Peters and his allies have a pattern of hypocrisy and partisan political games when it comes to important social issues.

The DeMaio campaign is posting an anniversary card on its social media networks to mark the occasion, and offers the following statement: “Scott Peters claims to be concerned about women, but he was perfectly willing to overlook Bob Filner’s bad behavior towards women for his own political gain,” said DeMaio campaign spokesman Dave McCulloch.

Facts About the Filner-Peters Anniversary

  • 2nd Anniversary: On April 30, 2012 Congressional candidate Scott Peters made political hay in announcing Bob Filner’s endorsement of him.
  • Rumors of Abuse of Women: Peters’ then-opponent, Lori Saldana, had raised serious concerns within the San Diego Democratic Party about Bob Filner’s outrageous treatment of women. To quote Lori Saldana, local Democratic Party leaders had “known for a long time about sexual harassment allegations against Bob Filner.”
  • “I Love Bob Filner”: Despite the rampant rumors, Scott Peters not only endorsed Bob Filner for Mayor, but he went as far as telling an audience “I love Bob Filner.”
  • Passive Peters: Once Bob Filner’s behavior was public, Scott Peters refused to condemn the behavior or call on him to resign.  After days of the NRCC calling out Peters for failure to speak out, Peters flip-flopped and claimed he “left a voicemail” for Filner days prior. No matter his spin, the fact remains Peters remained SILENT and did not speak out publicly for these women.

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