Bill Kristol is a dumbass

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We know, no name calling on Rostra. But is it name calling if it’s true?

WASHINGTON, May 31 (Reuters) – Conservative commentator Bill Kristol is considering choosing David French, a staff writer with National Review magazine and a constitutional lawyer, to run as an independent presidential candidate against Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.

Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, has expressed disappointment that Trump has likely secured the Republican nomination and said he has been searching for an alternative candidate.


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  1. Agree, Brian.
    And, it appears, a Rostra precedent has been set: openly abusive language used on the pretext that it’s “true.”
    Well, sh*t, that sure opens the floodgates, doesn’t it? To think of all the things I’ve really wanted to say–all of which were true.
    (Badly done, men.)

  2. I watched taped NBC San Diego coverage of post-Trump rally protests, and laughed as the anchors tried in vain to avoid showing the F–K TRUMP signs and airing the same chants.

  3. Are we obtuse, humourless? Maybe we should apologize.
    (The cruel irony: Kristol’s called crazy for picking French, while an enormous part of the electorate is ecstatic over…Donald Trump.)

  4. I agree that David French is not presidential timber, but he’s more presidential than Trump or Hillary. I’m not necessarily supporting Kristol’s efforts, but I completelye empathize with his motivation in trying to find a conservative alternative.

  5. Among many things responsible for the popularity of Trump, the base is sick of elected gutless wonders who won’t fight to protect themselves, much less the citizens from the predatory leftist media.

    Trump may not be many things but he’s not gutless. The presser in which he reamed the media was a thing of beauty. The media was stunned and fumbling for come-backs. Even people who hate Trump were cheering this long overdue hammering of the media.

  6. The slimestream media may have its faults, but methinks the public is better served by an aggressive fact-checking press than a limp-wristed media that politely asks permission to ask our elected and would-be officials a question.

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