Big win for Maderas (Sunroad) Golf Course in Poway

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From Pomerado News…

Poway City Council members wrapped up a four-hour public hearing Tuesday night by voting 3-2 to permit the Maderas Golf Club to resume using its water wells.

Councilmen Steve Vaus and Dave Grosch voted against the motion, saying they were not convinced of proponents’ claims that turning the well pumps back on would not impact water levels in wells in the neighboring Old Coach Estates development or habitat in and around the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve.

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While the Old Coach residents were right on a lot of the issues at Tuesday’s Poway Council meeting, there are still residents down there that have lush landscaping. They believe that the underground water is theirs and if they have the money, they will keep on drilling deeper to supply their needs (just like Sunroad).

I’m surprised that the City of Poway didn’t hold Sunroad accountable for past violations. Why the Council would even approve the pumping when Sunroad has apparently thumbed their nose to the City has me dumbfounded.

The big issue is that we live in an arid area. Underground water is finite and should be treated as such. For the most part, I don’t think some residents in the impacted area or Sunroad really understand the ramifications.

Reclaimed water is the key. New golf courses and business parks should be built with reclaimed water to be used for at least landscaping and fire. But, digging up Espola Road now to put in such a line will probably be cost prohibitive.

So when the water dries up, Sunroad has the money to pay for city water, no matter how high the cost, while many of the residents in the impacted area will either have to pay to get city water, pay for water pumpers to bring in their water, or sell their homes because they have no water.


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  1. The Sunroad family do not live in an arid area. They of course winter in a desert, but only winter. Like the Copley Family, they Winter. They prosper off our dime.

    Occupy bluntly states what has happened to Borrego Springs, will happen to Poway, only the drama will not occur. General Krulaks and the Copley mansions have been sold for dimes on hedgefunders.

    I am a low level retired civil servant. I am now serving myself. I will never serve again. I disdain the 99%.

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