Baxamusa Changes Headline To Be Just Misleading, Not Totally False

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Better than nothing, I guess.

Murtaza Baxamusa has changed his false headline charging that SD Rostra published the home address of labor leader Lorena Gonzalez  into something less wrong, but still misleading.

While the creep who broke Gonzalez’ home window deserves to go to jail, this headline is still a smear that presumes what there is no evidence for.  (I praised Gonzalez, by the way, in a SD Rostra blog post earlier this year).

Instead of saying that Rostra published Gonzalez’ home address, Baxamusa now says we published her home details. What “details” are these?

The neighborhood she lives in.

Yes, that’s really detailed.

In the Daily Kos version, Baxamusa changed the headline to say just “details“.  He’d have you believe that the SD Rostra article allowed Gonzalez home to be pinpointed, which is utterly false.

Baxamusa has tweaked the headline just enough to be misleading, but not completely false. A forthright apology and retraction would be more ethical, but I guess mere ethics would detract from saving the world. Now he can go back to his Astroturf business of creating a phony Tea Party alternative and a faux taxpayer group.

But since Baxamusa exceeded my expectations by performing a half-hearted correction (without admitting the error or apologizing), I should respond in kind.

So Mr. Baxamusa, you’ve got my sincerely half-hearted thanks.


(DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion, not that of the North County Times, my employer).


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