Bachmann’s Gaffes: Should We All Just Chill Out?

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Some of Congresswoman Bachmann’s supporters defend too many of her statements but the popular presidential candidate does not own a monopoly on gaffes. Such is the subject of my latest column for Communities At Washington Times.

This article, similar in some ways to a piece I did a few weeks ago about Sarah Palin for the San Diego Rostra, goes on to make some new points and was actually Tweeted by George Stephanopoulos (mentioned in the column for his interview with Bachman)…

Defending Michele Bachmann (in a manner of speaking)

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  1. Bob Siegel’s KCBQ radio show has made the “switch” to Sundays at 6:00 p.m. on am-1170.

    This week’s show was especially good, as Bob asked listeners if they think over political issues for themselves or whether instead, “You let other people re-state and FILTER the issues for You?”

    That is a challenge worthy of reflection for all of us!

    He also discussed “The Acts of Pontius Pilate” and whether that famous magistrate regretted the outcome of his most famous case, eventually becoming a Christian convert .

    You will hear topics and ways of looking at things on Bob’s show which are unfailingly thought-provoking. If you’ve never heard Bob’s show, you are missing out.

  2. The concern many have with Michelle Bachman’s gaffes are not the gaffe themselves, but her seeming unwillingness to admit she made a mistake.

    Anyone who is quoted as often as she is, is bound to mis-speak every now and then and most people understand that. As Bob points out in his article, there aren’t 57 states and Roosevelt didn’t give a televised address even though President Obama and Vice-President Biden may have stated otherwise. The difference is that unlike Bachman’s justification of her story of Paul Revere warning the British or her claim of the Founding Fathers’ efforts to abolish slavery, neither Obama nor Biden tried to justify their comments as anything more than simple mistakes.

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    To Alger

    Actually that was Palin’s story of Paul Revere. Bachmann’s was about John Quincy Adams. But that’s OK. As the article points out, we all make gaffes, even while on the subject of gaffes.

  5. Bob,

    In keeping with the spirit of my previous post, I will quickly admit my mistake (apologies to Congresswoman Bachman) and thank you for pointing it out.

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