Atkins leads Block in early polling; allegations of lies and broken deals in brewing battle for Senate seat

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See some updated information at the end of this post.


A recent poll in the brewing battle between Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and State Senator Marty Block for the latter’s current 39th District seat shows Atkins leading among likely voters:

Head-to-head matchup (initial question):
Atkins: 39%
Block: 20%
Undecided: 23%
Neither: 19%

After brief biographies provided:
Atkins: 48%
Block: 28%
Undecided: 10%
Neither: 14%

The conclusion reached by EMC research in a September 10-14 survey of 400 voters:

Speaker Toni Atkins is well positioned to challenge – and ultimately defeat – Senator Marty Block … Voters prefer Atkins over Block in an initial head-to-head, and her support grows as voters hear more information about both candidates. Atkins’ support is particularly strong among key voting constituencies.

Meanwhile, in an interesting missive from the California Friends of the African-American Caucus, Basil Kimbrew throws some serious — although slightly cryptic — mud on Block’s front porch:

AA Caucus

The emailed newsletter fans a couple of flames, while apparently suggesting knowledge of Block having agreed to not running for re-election next year, which would have cleared the way for Atkins to take his Senate seat:

Dear Senator Marty Block, you are a Liar!!!

You forgot what you told me, at the Convention. I might be getting older, but my mind is sharp as a Army Veteran.

I just read that Some speculate that there could be a deal in which you run for San Diego City Attorney next year, as Jan Goldsmith is termed-out of that office.


you get no leverage here.
-Chef Basil-

PS. DON’T CALL, or have anyone email me, because I don’t care. If its one thing I dislike or despise, it’s a Liar!!!!!

Lastly, Rostra’s Brian Brady takes on Atkins, calling for her retirement and claiming that she’s tried to solve the state’s problems by governing to the left of Jerry Brown:

While Governor Moonbeam is a fun target for the Right, he comes from a time when the California Democratic Party wasn’t totally in the pocket of public sector unions, and pursued social issues with a balanced approach. Atkins has been the agent of change which dragged the California Democratic Party to the left and away from the California Governor.

We have one takeway from all this … It’s only September!

* * *

A couple of updates (9/24/15 – 2:41 pm)…

Doug Porter at San Diego Free Press wrote on the poll this morning. See the last entry in his column here.

Rostra has also been advised to not take the California Friends of the African-American Caucus too seriously. The publication and the choice of wording above speaks nicely to the “seriousness” of the organization, without having to caution readers. It was further pointed out, however, that the gentlemen apparently behind the group, Basil Kimbrew, may have a few problems of his own. Fair enough.

Yet, the organization’s “newsletter” does reiterate questions as to whether a deal existed between Block and Atkins. None of that matters, most likely. But, it IS still only September.


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  1. It also proves one of ’em is a really sleazy, nakedly ambitious pol (the poll is its own evidence, Thor).

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