Atkins, Gloria, and Maienschein cannot solve the housing shortage they created

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If you are upset by the high cost of housing in San Diego County, throw Brian Maienschein, Todd Gloria, and Toni Atkins out of office. All three sat on the City Council and supported restrictions on development in the earlier part of this century. All three were elected to state legislative offices and all three supported Senator Atkins’ “mortgage tax”; a fee on recording documents which would magically solve the housing crisis.

Did it work? Of course not and two of three scoundrels admit as much in a Times of San Diego Op-Ed:

If we are going to solve this crisis, keep people from slipping into homelessness, ensure that our children and grandchildren can remain close to us in San Diego, protect our local business community by reducing employee housing costs, and meet our climate goals by prioritizing housing near transit and jobs, we must abandon the intransigence that helped create the crisis in the first place, and we must understand that no one measure alone will fix it.

Let me interpret that political double-speak for you. It should read, “We have no idea about how we caused this crisis (as council members) but will keep trying statewide tax and spend schemes until we finally have to get out of the way and issue more housing permits.

Maienschein aided and abetted Atkins when they served on the City Council together, and was the deciding vote for her mortgage tax scheme. Gloria continued Atkins’ crony-capitalist legacy on the City Council, after she ran for the Assembly, and is carrying her water in the Assembly today.

Only a selfish fool sitting on a pile of home equity would return these incompetents to public office. Just don’t complain when your grandchildren move to Texas.


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