As big Rally takes place today in Oceanside, UT asks, “Who are San Diego’s Tea Party members?”

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From today’s SDUT…

Activists gather today in Oceanside to advocate lower taxes, smaller government and other conservative causes

When: Today, noon to 4 p.m.
Where: Oceanside Pier amphitheater, 200 N. The Strand, Oceanside
Featuring: Speakers, music, contests
Sponsors: Stop Taxing Us and Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition

Tea Party activists from Southern California and beyond will gather today in Oceanside, advocating lower taxes, smaller government and other conservative causes — just like Tea Partyers across America. Unlike some regions, though, San Diego County hasn’t seen Tea Party supporters unite around a slate of candidates.

Where, then, does the local movement stand in this election? Who are its members and what motivates them?

Are they an arm of the GOP?

The answer to that last question: no, not if Dawn Wildman has anything to say about it and — stand back! — she does.

“The Republican Party keeps spoon-feeding us the same crappy candidates,” complained Wildman, 47, a North Park resident and coordinator for Tea Party Patriots.

Read the rest of the article on the SDUT website.


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  1. U-T says 500 were there, and paid $300-a-ticket
    to aid. “Combat Veterans for Congress.” That
    points to a gross of around $150K.

  2. Awesome! The dawn of judgement for the Dems is practically upon us! Finally, Tea Partiers get to bust up that liberal dumpster fire that has made a stupid mess of things.

  3. I am definitely not a Palin fan but I have the utmost appreciation for those willing to put their lives at risk for the freedoms and rights we take for granted, including the right to freely speak against the likes of Obama, Palin, etc..

    Whether it be 350 or 500, it’s a great showing of support, especially when there was a non-blacked out Charger/Raider game on tv.

    Besides, the last time 350 people were in one place with Joe Biden, he told them they were the most boring audience he’d eever encountered. Way to inspire!

  4. I spoke at both events. Sarah Sat. night was awesome. Candidates from across America standing together as Brothers in Arms from Combat to Congress. Too bad one of our locals “no-showed”.

    Sunday’s Tea Party was an interesting mix. I saw one Meg sign and tons of Nightingale signs. There is a very strong push back from those in attendance toward our Republican party still. One can understand it when you speak to them. They don’t seem to mind the Republicans being part of the Tea Party, just not controlling it.

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