Anti-Second Amendment Statement and Dem Donations cost Kristin Gaspar OCGOP endorsement

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By Michael Schwartz, Orange County Gun Owners

The reporting about the Orange County endorsement for Congress seat has been all about Diane Harkey — and deservedly so. She won the endorsement with a near-unanimous voice vote. Only one abstention, someone who didn’t want to endorse anyone before the primary.

Very few people are talking about how Kristin Gaspar “lost” the endorsement. She lost because she supported and passed an anti-Second Amendment City Council proclamation while serving in Encinitas and because of her long history of donating to Democrats.

Before Gaspar’s appearance at the OCGOP Central Committee a week ago, I left flyers outlining this information. In response, she sent an email meant to hide the truth, to call me a liar, and to deceive Central Committee Members about her long history of donating to Democrats.

There are a number of choices to consider in California’s 49th Congressional District who have never voted for a gun ban. My goal was to highlight that to the Orange County Republican Central Committee.  However, we were all reminded of the character issues that Supervisor Gaspar is becoming more and more known for that can no longer be chalked up to “well, you know politics”.

See her email, and my response, below.

My response: 

Regarding Kristin Gaspar’s email below…

  1. Let’s be clear, Gaspar beat a Democratic Party incumbent who had looming employee, sexual harassment, and campaign finance issues. Anyone could have run against him and won. Please don’t let her mislead you. He was a Democrat who had the seat for one term in a district that had been Republican for decades.
  2. The flyer was not “illegal.” I printed fewer than 200 of them (the threshold for reporting) and paid for them out of my own pocket. No organization paid for the flyers so disclosures from an org were not required. Again, she is trying to mislead.
  3. They also were not “anonymous.” Had Gaspar bothered to stay through the entire meeting, she would have seen me speak publicly to the Central Committee about the flyer and why I did it. We simply cannot have people voting for a gun ban and we certainly should not reward them with an endorsement.  Her voting record matters when it comes to Congress and Gaspar voted for a gun ban. Plain and simple. There are other candidates running in the race who want the Orange County Republican Party endorsement and they have NEVER voted for a gun ban. Notice she did not deny voting for a gun ban.
  4. Lastly, the report she included shows her federal contributions. She donated to Democrats at the local level. It is dishonest of her to imply she has never donated to a Democrat before. Notice she doesn’t come out and say that she hasn’t donated to a Democrat. Please find the listed history of her supporting Democrats at the local level with over $20,000 in contributions.

I really wanted to focus on her Second Amendment issues because that is where my passion leads me, but I am glad you all got the opportunity to see the character issues we San Diego Republicans and gun owners have had to deal with from Gaspar.

Please, don’t be fooled by Kristin Gaspar.  I included her and her consultant Jason on this email in case you want to ask them to prove me wrong. They can’t because it’s the truth.


History of Contributing More Than $20,000 to Democrats

Paul Gaspar is currently listed on Fiona Ma’s campaign page as having endorsed Ma for CA Controller in 2018.

Letter after money denotes donor. p=Paul. k=Kristin C=company

2009 Xavier Becerra for Congress 700 p
2009 Pedro Nava for Attorney General 1000 k
2010 Pedro Nava for Attorney General 500 p (Republican Steve Cooley)
2007 Mike Eng for Assembly 500 c
(husband to Rep. Judy Chu) 1000 p
2010 Mike Eng for Assembly 500 p
2009 Dean Florez for Lt. Governor 500 p
(Reps Abel Maldonado/Sam Aanestad)
2010 Dean Florez for Controller 500 p
(Republican Tony Strickland)
2011 Dean Florez for Lt. Governor 500 p
(Republicans Abel Maldonado/Sam Aanestad)
2011 Curren Price for Senate 800 c
2012 Curren Price for Senate 1000 p
2012 Curren Price for Senate 1000 c
2011 Curren Price for Senate 900 p
2012 Jason Hodge 1500 p
2012 Jason Hodge 500 p
2012 Jason Hodge 500 c
(Republican Mike Stoker)
2012 ACT Blue 1500 p
(very lib, supporting Applegate / DeLeon)
2009 Gloria Negrete McLeod for Senate 2500 c
2010 Gloria Negrete McLeod for Supervisor 2500 c
2011 Gloria Negrete McLeod for Congress 250
2011 Gloria Negrete McLeod for Congress 600 p
2011 Gloria Negrete McLeod for Congress 521.89 p
2014 Ron Wyden for US Senate (D-OR) 250 p
2011 Nathan Fletcher for Mayor 500
(last race as a Republican)

Kristin is listed in the state and federal disclosure forms as the owner and also a physical therapist, employed by the practice. She is also listed as CFO in other state filings.

Kristin’s Original Email to the Orange County Central Committee

Subject: Tonight’s Central Committee Meeting

Dear Central Committee Member,

As you are aware, tonight the Republican Central Committee of Orange County will hold a special meeting to consider an endorsement in the 49th Congressional District. Orange County has historically had a wise policy of not endorsing one Republican over another in a contested Republican Primary. Voters were empowered to decide the Republican nominee. I encourage you to continue to trust the voters by taking “no position” on an endorsement this evening.

It’s simple. We cannot afford to lose the 49th Congressional District to a Democrat. Republicans need to be united, and a divisive endorsement now would only increase the Democrats’ chances of picking up Congressman Darrell Issa’s seat. Approximately 25% of the vote in the district is in Orange County and 75% of the vote is in San Diego County.

I defeated an incumbent Democrat in 2016 to win a seat on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors – in a district that Hillary Clinton won by 20%. It was the first time an incumbent had been defeated in 32 years. In fact, I have a track record of running in incredibly challenging races in coastal districts and have prevailed.

One more thing I would like to clarify. Last Monday at the regularly scheduled February Central Committee meeting, two anonymous, illegal and blatantly false flyers were placed on chairs attacking me regarding guns and contributions. I can tell you unequivocally that I am pro Second Amendment, pro life and as a lifelong Republican I do not contribute to Democrat candidates. If you would like to see my personal contributions, I urge you to check this report where I have proudly contributed to candidates including Congresswoman Mimi Walters and the local Republican Party.

Thank you very much,

Supervisor Kristin Gaspar

Chairwoman, San Diego County Board of Supervisors


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  1. President Trump may have perfectly illustrated a major intra-party dichotomy among the GOP in his speech at CPAC when he asked, ” which do you like more, the second amendment or the tax cuts?”

    This behavior is fine in the primary, but if Gaspar is the nominee, I hope you all rally around her. Some gun owners are so gung-ho on being single issue voters that they couldn’t care less if government nationalized all private industry, jacked up the federal gas tax, or further expanded Medicaid as long as they get to keep having the option of buying an AR-15.

  2. “…they couldn’t care less if government nationalized all private industry, jacked up the federal gas tax, or further expanded Medicaid as long as they get to keep having the option of buying an AR-15.”

    This could not be overstated and as you can see by the article, single issue Second Amendment voters are better funded and organized than ever. So if you don’t want nationalized healthcare or jacked up taxes, make sure your nominee has never voted for a gun ban.

    Gun owners will not be rallying around Gaspar if she is the nominee. And in such a tight race…it could be all the difference.

  3. Yes, shun the candidate who supported an anti gun *proclamation* thereby helping a candidate who wholeheartedly supports an assault weapons ban, expanded background checks, high capacity magazine bans, etc. Sounds like a great strategy to protect the second amendment! Damn those legally binding proclamations!

  4. Yes, Vance442.
    Tough pill to swallow, but that’s the way it is. Clearly voting for Republicans no matter how they vote on the Second Amendment doesn’t work. (See all the gun laws passed over the last 30 years)

    The good news? Gun owners/voters aren’t going to have to make that decision. Harkey got the Orange County endorsement. Chavez leads in the polls. Both are good on Second Amendment issues.

  5. The first thing I learned about #2A supporters were that they are single-issue voters first. They care about other issues but they have a belief system and I respect that and applaud that. I’m not a single-issue voter but the Second Amendment should not be touched… period.

    I also view Gaspar as an opportunist who doesn’t care for the people as much as her political ambitions. I believe her response here validates my belief of that.

    That’s my personal opinion of her as of now. Could it change? Sure but not right now.

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