Another Snuff Video From Global Warming Activists

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UPDATE: The poster of the global warming snuff video was getting hammered in the comments from us evil Koch-funded global warming deniers. So he disabled commenting. Fools like that live in their own isolated enclaves of moonbattery in which burning up skeptics is funny. Exposure to the real world must have chilled his resolve.

So I suggest you instead look at this repost  below — with comments active — and add your thoughts:

The direct link to YouTube is available by clicking this sentence.


Because fantasizing about a horrible death for those who disagree with you is so scientific and moral!

Hat tip to Watts Up With That?

UPDATE: Click here to see the video on YouTube. And do read the WUWT? link. It gives context for the recent trend among frustrated global warming activists to wish death on those they can’t convince.


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