Andrew Breitbart, RIP

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From FlashReport

by Jon Fleischman

Early this morning Andrew Breitbart, a culture warrior on the right and longtime friend of mine and of the FlashReport, passed away from natural causes. He was only 43 years old, and leaves behind a beautiful family (Susie and the four young kids) and an unfinished fight. I will have more to say about his passing and the impact that this great man and friend had on me. But for now, we simply pray for his family at this time. Such a senseless, tragic loss.


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    Derrick Roach sent this along…

    March 1, 2012

    This morning, many people like me awoke to a buzzing Blackberry with a flurry of tweets, text messages and news alerts telling us that one of our fearless defenders of truth, Andrew Breitbart, had died. My thoughts were immediately with his wife and children.

    Breitbart once shared with me his vision of empowering citizen journalists by giving them a format and platform for their voices to be heard over the strident prepackaged message of mainstream media outlets. If Breitbart helped create citizen journalists, then he was the Father of Citizen Journalism and today he has many children that mourn his loss.

    Regardless of one’s political beliefs, credit needs to be given to Breitbart for standing up for free speech when, at times, many wanted to take his away. He empowered citizen journalists of all political persuasions.

    My personal experience with Breitbart was one of the most exhilarating and terrifying moments of my life. In 2009, at the peak of the ACORN scandal, the organization was already reeling from Breitbart’s continuous reporting of employees willing to assist in the illegal trafficking of underage girls for prostitution purposes. At the height of public scrutiny and investigations by multiple Attorneys General offices, nobody thought that the scandal could get any worse. It did. Thanks to Breitbart, the national stage had been set with the microphone ready for a simple citizen to step forward so his voice could be heard by millions. Little did I think that I would be that citizen to step into the national spotlight with millions of people watching and listening.

    On a Sunday evening in November, while most people were getting ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Breitbart invited me onto KFI radio in Los Angeles as a surprise guest to announce that I had retrieved thousands of sensitive documents from a dumpster at a San Diego-area ACORN office while the California Attorney General was investigating the organization. That appearance led to appearances on Fox News programs including On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. Little did I know just how bright the national spotlight could be. While sitting in a studio waiting for the live on-air interview, I became aware that I was to be interviewed immediately after vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s first big interview and that nearly 2 million people would be watching. It was definitely exhilarating while at the same time, a terrifying experience for someone who now had the attention of Congressional investigators and multiple Attorneys General from around the country. Yet, this was something that Breitbart did on nearly a daily basis. It was because of his example and fearless attitude that many of us were able to have the courage to speak up when, at times, it may not have been popular to do so.

    Having carried the conservative torch so bravely and publicly, Breitbart has left a legacy that will always have an impact on the media and the American political landscape. This torch has now been passed and his legacy will continue wherever free men and women uphold the value of freedom of speech. The citizen journalists that he helped create now have the responsibility to make sure that the fire continues to burn.

  2. Whoooa. Very heavy. Three words cant express my empathy for you and brietbards war on the media. My father wrote for the LA Times and San Diego Union. I recall his frightening stories of investigative journalism. Of the story of a friend of his murdered by The Mafia in Las Vegas.

    My dad is an old ww2 vet,and still alive and healthy. His contacts are legion. The journalistic gene pool skipped me, but My daughter will join the fray. Her internship will be out of country. I await her first by-line.

    She like other journalist will keep that bell clanging……….Hooah

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