With Slater-Price out, the Danon Juggernaut continues

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After contending since 2008 that she was in it to win it, five-term County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price has announced she will be stepping down in 2012 rather than take on the juggernaut that the Steve Danon for Supervisor Campaign has become. Will the previously “mano-e-mano” two person face-off now become an open-seat horse race, or will other potential contenders view this opportunity as tempting, but the campaign hill Danon has built too steep to climb and not bother  jumping  in?   Time will tell.

By raising over $100,000 in a relatively short period of time in a tough economy and collecting an impressive list of endorsements, Steve Danon shows that this will be a very expensive, serious, and highly aggressive campaign.

We should note that Ms. Slater-Price has been a committed public servant for more than two decades and agree or disagree with her politics, she should be be honored and thanked for her committed service.

In a U-T article she is quoted as saying that she would likely endorse someone in the race, but made it clear Danon wasn’t going to be her pick. That’s fair…

But one would think the classy thing to do would be to at least acknowledge his success in capturing so many impressive endorsements and supporters, some of whom previously backed her; But hey, we all have our own style…


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  1. One possible — even likely — explanation is that Pam Slater-Price is tired of the rather boring job, will receive a great pension, and has a well-to-do husband. The couple might simply look forward to retiring, traveling more and enjoying life.

    After 20 years, Pam can retire at age 60 with 60% of her highest salary of about $143K — so her pension will be almost $86K a year. Hence to continue in the job is to work for the other 40% — which comes to about $57K a year. Not worth the trouble, I suspect.

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