An Open Letter To Fletcher for Mayor Supporters

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Nathan Fletcher is a member of the Democratic Party.  This doesn’t surprise me.  I knew when he made the choice to throw the “independent” Hail Mary pass that, if he wanted a political future, he would have to (a) move to another state and try to woo Republican voters there or (b) join with the Democrats.  Getting elected in a big state like California is nearly impossible as an independent, especially one who holds competing positions within a 12-month period.

This isn’t about Nathan though — this is about you.  Many of you are registered Republicans who thought Nathan was electable.  I get that.  He’s good looking, a combat veteran, and has a politically connected wife.  Some volunteers, donors, and consultants thought that was what was needed to win and govern in San Diego.  Most Republican volunteers, donors, and consultants disagreed and the local party (and Republican voters) backed Carl DeMaio.  I can’t speak for them or the local party but I can for myself.  I supported DeMaio and got involved in the local party because I think ideas and principles matter.  I like that our local party, for which Carl held the banner in the last election, is focused on limiting and reforming government.

The voters  like the ideas we’re offering:

  • The Proposition D sales tax hike was defeated
  • Managed competition was passed
  • Pension reform passed overwhelmingly

I suspect that you like those ideas too.  This is good news for all of us.  Together, we can continue to develop more ideas for government reform and elect candidates who can implement those ideas.  I believe the local Republican Party is a coalition of like-minded people who, while we don’t always agree on every issue, can rally around the basic principles of reform.

If you’re a registered Republican who supported Fletcher, we want to see more of you. It is you who make this Republican Party special.  Please come see us on the second Monday of each month.  I promise you that nobody will say, “I told you so.”

If you’re an independent who thought Fletcher represented the center-right principles with which you identify, we want to hear from you.  Naturally, we’d love for you to re-register and volunteer but if you don’t want to do that, we still want your input–neither political party can win elections without appealing to you.  I extend the same invitation to visit us on the second Monday of each month.  I promise you that we will listen to you.

If you’re like some of my moderate “Legacy Democrat” friends, we know that Fletcher might have appealed to you.  We want to know why.  We think you might share our principles and, while you may not be comfortable identifying with the Republican Party, you ultimately vote for many our candidates.  That’s cool — we want to hear from you, too.  You’re invited on the second Monday of each month but if you aren’t comfortable visiting us, reach out to a Republican elected official whom you like — she’ll appreciate that you did so.

Republicans believe in limited government which works.  Republicans believe in the rule of law.  Republicans believe in individual rights.  Republicans believe that by limiting government and following the rule of law, individuals competing and cooperating with one another produce far superior results than a big, centralized government, trying to plan our individual lives.

Nathan Fletcher, the Marine veteran, is worthy of our respect.  Nathan Fletcher, the politician, doesn’t subscribe to the principles with which you and I identify.  That’s okay.  Come back to the Republican Party and we’ll work on big ideas…together.  Those ideas will always transcend any one person.


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  1. Former Republican Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher [who was for a short time a declared “Independent” during and after his failed campaign for San Diego city mayor] has now completed his transformation — joining the Democrat Party.

    As I’m wont to do — “I told you so!”

    Sorry. Can’t help myself. It’s a character flaw of mine.

    Here’s my most recent comment predicting Fletcher’s coming party switch (posted last month):


    As I predicted last year, with this [Fletcher] endorsement [of labor union boss Lorena Gonsalez] obviously designed to gain favor with our county’s former labor union boss, Nathan Fletcher is proceeding with his planned transformation into a Democrat. He will become a “coastal Democrat” — reregistering as a Democrat — and run for office in that north-of-I-8 area of the county.

    It is clear that the endorsement is NOT being made to help Gonzalez win the election. It’s a obvious win for her. She has one token Democrat opponent, massive financial support from labor if needed, and no GOP contender on the ballot. The endorsement is a clear statement which party Fletcher favors — and which special interest group he wants to support him in the future.

    Fletcher has one of the prime prerequisites for a successful politician. No principles. Well, no principles that interfere with his political career. His “independent” switch was a calculated political ploy (which didn’t work). By the start of 2014 (certainly 2016) he will reregister “Democrat.”

    He will become a Democrat to get the party’s endorsement and special interest funding, and to assure no other Democrat seriously challenges his candidacy.

    I suppose the press will again gush with admiration for his “courage” in making the switch.

  2. As proud Republicans we will continue to advocate for limited government and economic opportunity for all. We wish Nathan Fletcher well.

  3. As a registered Republican I agree with Tony’s first sentence. As a dupe of Mr. Fletcher’s charm I believe he deceived his constituents, lied about his goals for them, and is simply another shill for the Democrats in California. Keep a close eye on ex-Marines like Fletcher and Cunningham. You never can predict what you’ll actually get from supposedly well intentioned politicians.

  4. I was always raised to believe that when a family strays we do all we can to put that person back on the right path. We do not immediately ostracize and give up on the person. I would have expected the “Party of family values” to do the same. I was wrong and now a bright rising star who could have been brought back into the Republican Party is now a Democrat and the tent gets smaller.

  5. John Weber today raised the following rhetorical question about Nathan Fletcher: “If polling data told Nathan that he could get more votes as a woman, would he get a sex change?”

  6. Post

    “I was always raised to believe that when a family strays we do all we can to put that person back on the right path.”

    This isn’t about one man–this is about a coalition of people who come together around a set of principles. Many of those people were misled by a man who has an “adaptable” set of principles. It cost them money and time.

    Opportunistic people will always prey upon the principled in their pursuit of personal success. I simply want to remind the victims of the opportunistic that the coalition has always been on their side.

  7. AS Richard Rider predicted a year ago, this joke did it, although in all fairness, it wasn’t that hard of a prediction. I love the part were this slime says he made the change after hearing Bill Clinton speak at the convention and he agreed with him on everything. 2 points about his sudden conversion.

    1. Bill Clinton hasn’t changed his beliefs in the last 20 years, so it’s not like this is some new political evolution. Does this mean Fletcher is telling us he’s always been a Democrat or held the same believes as they do, even while professing himself a conservative to the Central Committee, voters, donors, or anyone else who would listen.

    2. If he had this great epiphany in August, why did he wait until now to make the change. Could it be he was waiting out the election to see how the results went in order to make and justify his decision?

    Nathan Fletcher has shown that he is the personification of the slimy, shiftless politician who will do anything to advance his career, principle and integrity be damned. IS there anyone who thinks that if he was in Los Angeles, that he never runs as a Republican, but would have been a liberal Democrat?


  8. “GOP? As long as I get endorsed. Move to the Middle? Well, if it had worked. Dem? My last hope.”

  9. Brian…

    Great letter. Let me get through with MY teaching gig at UCSD this quarter and I promise to make more party activities and do more volunteer work for the party. The sentiments expressed in your letter are smart on.

  10. I voted for Nathan for Assembly. He came a calling and upon the recommendation of 2 diehard Republican friends (Barry and Jon) I became a strong supporter.

    I was under the impression that he favored less government and less taxes, once a mainstay of the Republican Party. But instead of trying to create change from within (As I had thought), he left and became an independent (Which with his justification sounded feasible then). Now he’s a Democrat. Sadly, this about-face gives me no respect for him. He’s as bad as a carpetbagger, who moved into the area just to run for office (Sort of how I saw Brian Bilbray and voting for him in the last election against Peters was VERY hard).

    I’m glad he is public about who he really is. I hope Carl does run for Congress and I hope he handily beats Peters.

  11. As a registered independent who has worked for a GOP congressman and governor, as well as for DEM white house and presidential campaign (back in the 90s), I don’t see where the growth potential is for the local republican party.

    I left DC and government offices in the late 90s to return to my hometown and work for Katz&Assoc public affairs firm. Then in 2000 I helped to launch an e-Gov firm (GovPartner) in Rancho Bernardo where almost all of our investors and senior team were life-long republicans. I was inspired by their experience and vision to streamline government through the use of technology and I learned one of the most important lessons in business: If you aren’t growing you are dying.

    I spent the last decade leading BD for the firm, working through innovative public-private partnerships and implementing in over 100 cities, counties, state agencies throughout the US with the most recent growth in the UAE. I stepped back in late 2011 from this intl “modernization of government” movement and was quite sad to see where my own San Diego had fallen.

    I worked with Mayor Sander’s excellent team last year, organized having all four Mayoral candidates speak to the entrepreneur group StartupCircle and moderated the final forum between DeMaio and Filner. Today I am happy to work with Filner’s equally impressive advisors to continue efforts to streamline and modernize the city, and was glad when Tony Manolatos came out to an event at Qualcomm to meet the StartupCircle team. I have also been happy to meet with Councilman Kersey and his staff and people like Matt Awbrey from Falconer’s office and Brian Pepin in Sherman’s office — all of whom have always displayed a keen focus on business development and most importantly: an open mind and willingness to work with others.

    But as far as the local GOP, all I really identify with that are the nasty comments from Tony Krvaric on Twitter and other social media outlets. When I attend local GOP events, I am still surprised by the off-hand comments from other senior republican donors / organizers regarding women, people of color, different religions and of course sexual preference — more than once I heard comments around RB and on the golf course about DeMaio to the tone of: “Well I guess we’re going to have to vote for that fa****”

    All of this is distressing, very sad and taking away from the focus of actual hands-on work to improve government, economic, social and educational programs. Trashing Fletcher just continues the focus on trashing in general vs building and innovating. This is why I don’t see a strong growth trajectory for the local GOP. Look at basic demographics, analyze key data and do a gut check on a personal / social level.

    The things that are murmured behind closed doors or the brand of #Plotting that is established online and carried into day-to-day practice matter. The people that are leading your group and the things they say matter, and if you have people like Fletcher leaving and people like Kravric leading then that does say a lot.

    Your article said you wanted to hear from independents so I hope this is helpful.

    My primary focus today is on consulting for global and national corporations, local governments and tech startups, and volunteering at my kids’ kinder and first grade classrooms. The rhetoric and “plotting” that seems to drive local politics only detracts in my work to help a team of engineers win a new project, in developing a communications program for a city, launching a new feature for a tech startup, getting computers donated for a local school, etc.

    I think your solution lies in just rolling up your sleeves and focusing on the growth that matters: helping a local business create jobs, being positive about the fact that we live in a binational region that can be competitive against other cities in the state and against other states / nations, doing something tangible to help improve our classrooms and choosing to understand and connect with people versus attacking and dividing them. (And on that note I don’t mean to attack Tony K, I hear he is nice enough in person, but is certainly reflecting the worst from your group to a global audience).

    Hope this insight is helpful and thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts on how we can all improve our region to make it even better today and for our children.

    Gabriela Dow

  12. I have no idea what weird Republican circles Ms. Dow runs in with those kinds of comments being thrown around. As Chairman I interact with thousands of activists and never heard ANY of those types of comments from any legitimate activist, donor or other leader in our Party.

    Quoting: “But as far as the local GOP, all I really identify with that are the nasty comments from Tony Krvaric on Twitter and other social media outlets. When I attend local GOP events, I am still surprised by the off-hand comments from other senior republican donors / organizers regarding women, people of color, different religions and of course sexual preference — more than once I heard comments around RB and on the golf course about DeMaio to the tone of: ‘Well I guess we’re going to have to vote for that fa****'”

    I will not let such a vile statement stand unchallenged. I suggest Ms. Dow immediately name names or retract her statement. It is incredibly irresponsible to throw out such vile accusations without backup – especially when the grass roots Republican committee members voted by a 2/3 majority to endorse Carl DeMaio for Mayor.

    Furthermore while Ms. Dow professes to have _worked_ for Republicans and Democrats, she does not share her PRINCIPLES. Does she stand for MORE or LESS government? Does she believe taxes should be HIGHER or LOWER? Just to pick two…

    We in the center-right coalition believe in LESS government and LOWER taxes. If she shares our principles then we invite her to join with us to return government to the People and restore the American Dream.

    If Ms. Dow is truly serious then she can start by naming names vs. just parroting the tired – false – main stream media narrative of Republicans.

    Or perhaps her post was really about taking a cheap shot at Republicans falsely disguised as an “opportunity to share some thoughts on how we can all improve our region to make it even better today and for our children.”

    After all, those on the left always invoke “our children” to implement their agenda, whether it’s raising taxes, increasing regulations or chipping away at constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.

  13. Ms. Dow—it’s easy to say that the Committee, and its duly elected Chairman are “out of touch” but the voters affirmed both the Committee members’ election and the choice we made in the Mayoral endorsement.

    You write well, though.

  14. Gabriela Dow- “Look at basic demographics, analyze key data and do a gut check on a personal / social level.” This is an interesting statement, you are just confirming what everyone else is saying here, Fletcher is doing what is in HIS best interest, no clear principles except ‘me, me, me’, which you reflect also, sorry to say. He may be successful in whatever he runs for next, but it is because he has teamed up with unions and their money for his convenience. I can only hope that republican electeds and the new majority types that have supported him in the past will get the clue from the clue bus that had a stop in San Diego that you Ms. Dow and Fletcher are just about yourselves and have no core values/principles to rely on in the future on votes or anything. Since I don’t like being thrown under the clue bus, I just call it like I see it.

  15. I originally posted the full text below but was asked by the editors to remove a section that described a specific incident (despite Krvaric asking for details)??

    Brian’s comments about a “political axe” were removed at one point… what a strange website you guys are running here.


    Brian, when you wrote “If you’re an independent… we want to hear from you… we still want your input” I guess you only wanted certain input. I took my time to provide honest feedback that is valuable to your organization and the response is to attack me, and holler away that I’d better immediately start “naming names.” Seriously?

    Until the comments above, I didn’t even realize that Tony Krvaric is the local GOP Chairman! I thought he was some community organizer run amok online. I apparently now have to deal with him “challenging” me on Twitter. Great incentive for people to engage with your group.

    And why are you calling me a “political consultant with an axe to grind”? I volunteered on a friend’s city council campaign last year because I have known him to be a wonderful person for over a decade, enjoy spending time with his wife and kids who are my kids age, was delighted that he was interested in improving eGov at the City and had grown close to his family as his sister battled (and sadly died from) the same stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis that I also fought during the same time.

    I would happily volunteer for any candidate — republican or dem — who is a good person and wants to employ eGov practices to modernize government and make it more efficient. How does that makes me a “political consultant” and what “axe” are you are referring to…?

    My current work is with engineering firms, tech startups and local governments– and to be honest most of the people I work and hang out with are republicans (again, I have lived in RB for more than a decade!) These are all wonderful people that I greatly respect and if politics ever comes up we tend to agree that the party system is out of touch and ineffective to the real issues that families, businesses and communities face.

    The “weird” circles that Tony asked about are his circles. One of the most offensive comments was at the Lincoln Club event at the Grant on primary election night last year. Again, great group of people in general, my husband and I were meeting friends there, but some of the comments in the hallways, at the bar, etc were offensive.

    If there is a more level-headed representative from your organization (not the wacko, belligerent Krvaric) that truly wants to learn and grow, I am happy to sit down with them and talk about each of these instances. I am not going to repeat them online because they are hurtful words that I don’t want to spread.

    >> Specific instace deleted here from my original response, at the request of this site <<

    I am honestly embarrassed for you, to take honest input and immediately go into attack mode over some truths that everyone reading this has likely encountered but ignored. The data that I am referring to is the number of young upcoming voters, leaders, business execs — the very people that will soon take over. Your tone, tactics and approach are part of an outdated generation and an immediate turn off for this new crop of leaders.

    Your post asked for people to come join you and I provided honest feedback on where specifically my hesitation has been to do that.

    As to Tony's challenge that I state my position immediately, you have got to be kidding. You just don't get it… Higher taxes for corporations like GE that reduce their US rate to 0 are fine by me, whereas lower taxes and tax incentives to help the many businesses I work with is imperative.

    I don't care as much about someone's political rhetoric and arguing about position and parties. I care more about what people DO to help our community. What have you done Tony that has concrete results for San Diegans? Give me three things in the last month…. I'll help you with some of mine in just the past few weeks:

    1. Delivered a presentation at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy highlighting before a global audience San Diego's recent work to innovate government, started by Mayor Sanders and continued by Mayor Filner

    2. Worked with the founders of Plug&Play Silicon Valley (who have raised over $1Billion in vc and m&a deals in the past decade) to organize a pitch event judged by leaders like the CEO of LifeTechnologies, UCSD and Qualcomm to help San Diego startups raise money, grow and create jobs

    3. Launched an outreach campaign for a north county city to inform small businesses on how to establish their ventures with reduced cost and delays

    4. Briefed (at their request) a republican councilman and mayoral advisory team on eGov and innovation practices to improve San Diego

    And yes…. delivered 20 much-needed computers to my kids’ elementary school through a donation I coordinated from a local biotech corp.

    These are the kind of ACTIONS that people care about, and there is no political BS or disparaging words in the offices, halls of government, classrooms and startup accelerators that I visit weekly.

    I can’t wait to read your list of recent ACTIONS and I hope it includes more than berating and lying about citizens who answer your request for input in an honest manner.


  16. “When I attend local GOP events, I am still surprised by the off-hand comments from other senior republican donors / organizers regarding women, people of color, different religions and of course sexual preference — more than once I heard comments around RB and on the golf course about DeMaio to the tone of: “Well I guess we’re going to have to vote for that fa****””

    Who said this so I can denounce them, Gabby? Frankly, after 9 years of attending the monthly RPSDC meetings, I have never heard such comments. I think you’re causing unwarranted drama but I’m glad to be proven wrong

  17. Gabriela Dow:

    You did not state what your principles are I assume because you do not have any or you do not care to share for the children. There was an old tv western program entitled “Have Gun Will Travel”. Sounds like you are touting your resume as “Have Tech Will Travel”.

  18. Let me repeat, Brian, my answer to your original question.

    Why am I, as an independent, not inclined to join the local GOP and attend your monthly meetings: Because my primary image and exposure to your organization is via a rude, negative, nasty person (who I now realize is actually your Chairman!) whose tone has been reinforced by equally offensive comments at the events I have attended.

    Most republicans I know (family members, friends, colleagues) are wonderful people. If I hear offensive comments at GOP events maybe they wouldn’t be as underscored or branded if you had more professional and welcoming leadership as a whole.

    But because of the tone set by your leaders, and now thanks to this insane ordeal with you on Twitter and this website, the negative impression just piles on.

    This is my personal opinion and I am sharing honest feedback on my experiences. I included a very specific example of an offensive comment made at a secific event and the editors sent me a note to remove it. You guys have the info, I offered to discuss it and the other offensive comments in person.

    You are calling me a liar, a drama queen (Hanna Montana- what was THAT?), a troll and worse online.

    This is about all I needed to see from this group. It adds up completely with what I have seen online, in person, and heard from others.

    I’m done — got work to do, but I do look forward to any list Brian and Tony can provide of CONCRETE ACTION they personally have taken to deliver tangible improvements for San Diegan’s in the past 30 days…………

    Waiting….. give me facts, not just insults.


  19. 1) We asked Ms. Dow to re-submit her comment without the unsubstantiated allegation of a racial reference. She did.

    2) Mr. Krvaric and Mr. Brady may have asked her for additional proof, but when that “proof” is still an unsubstantiated allegation, it doesn’t belong on these pages — especially if it may call out others by name without proof. She of course is free to deliver the details of her accusations to Krvaric or Brady outside of this forum.

    3) One allegation seemed to have something to do with the Lincoln Club — not an organization run by Krvaric.

    4) But still, when someone from any party can explain how they go about keeping those attending their events from making comments others don’t like, please let us know. Until then, let’s just always blame the organization and it’s leaders for what some crackpot may say.

    5) Brady’s comment about a “political axe” was never removed. Although they should have been, they are so inflammatory. LOL.

    6) “What a strange website you guys are running here.” — We so agree!

    -Greg Larkin

  20. Super great Gabriela, you “Worked with the founders of Plug&Play Silicon Valley (who have raised over $1Billion in vc and m&a deals in the past decade) to organize a pitch event judged by leaders like the CEO of LifeTechnologies, UCSD and Qualcomm to help San Diego startups raise money, grow and create jobs.” I appreciate any jobs, I just don’t believe YOU did it, it was the hard work of the people, leadership and companies that had the unfortunate or fortunate need to employ you because they had to deal with Govt regulation; no company would need a lobbyist like you if government didn’t have so much regulation from those who are not accountable to voters. We now know how you make your living. Glad you can sleep at night. So, how many companies that hired you left the state or died on the vine?

  21. Post

    Gabby, of course I’m interested in bigoted comments but again…who said these comments I can denounce them? This is the second time I asked you this.

  22. Brian, if Ms. Dow plans on answering, we need to make it clear that it’s unlikely we would allow it here as a comment (as we noted above). Even if she has a name (we know, unlikely), it’s even more unlikely she would have proof — and thus it would be libelous to the named person. So, we’d suggest you offer the opportunity for her to communicate her allegations to you in some form other than in a comment here.

  23. Post

    I would ask TA to let Ms. Dow to name that “alleged” bigot here, substantiated or not. It’s her risk if it’s libelous–Rostra can only provide evidence (or lack thereof).

  24. Ms. Right (why don’t people use their real names on here??) what are you talking about?

    I was not hired by anybody to help bring Plug&Play to San Diego. I volunteered my time, worked with local investors and StartupCircle, met with the founder, coordinated with Sanders office to send a rep to an early pitch event we held last year and helped to convince them to hold the larger pitch competition and funding event. ALL VOLUNTEER WORK to help make San Diego a better place. Government regulation has nothing to do with private VCs deciding to fund or not fund San Diego companies.

    Clearly no good deed goes unpunished by the inaccuracies that circulate on this website. This is UNBELIEVEABLE!!

    Brian — the original response post described how a “major GOP donor” was identified as making racist/religious-based comments at the Lincoln Club event and I also described who was with us and also heard the comment (and described the man as a “major donor”). Again, your editor sent me a note on Twitter to remove that description from my post.

    The fa*** comment was made by some guys walking out of the event (if they are saying they are going to “vote for him” I assume they are GOP) and I also heard that several times around RB. Again, if people are saying that in the same statement that they are voting for him I assume they are republicans.

    Instead of “investigating” and claiming you will denounce people (one of your top donors, really?) can you name even ONE thing you have done recently to benefit the community?

    Please stop contacting me — just post some positive things you have done and focus on that work. And if there is a party leader other than Krvaric that wants more details, I have already said I am happy to share them in person.

    Good night,

  25. Post

    “if they are saying they are going to ‘vote for him’ I assume they are GOP and I also heard that several times around RB. Again, if people are saying that in the same statement that they are voting for him I assume they are republicans.”

    Bad assumption; DeMaio dominated independent voters, With respect, your comments are unsubstantiated conjecture.

    Instead of “investigating” and claiming you will denounce people (one of your top donors, really?) can you name even ONE thing you have done recently to benefit the community?”

    Hosted a Shred-a-thon to raise money for the Warrior Foundation — two weeks ago.

    “Please stop contacting me — just post some positive things you have done and focus on that work. And if there is a party leader other than Krvaric that wants more details”

    I haven’t contacted you. Just responded to your unsubstantiated claims on social media.

    “I have already said I am happy to share them in person.”

    Do you want me to contact you?

  26. Like we’ve been saying, UNSUBSTANTIATED. What Ms. Dow described are alleged incidents. There is a difference.

    We will let her last comment stand as a point, to show that she is dealing in unsubstantiated allegations.

    Lastly, we will point out AGAIN: When someone from any party can explain how they go about keeping those attending their events from making comments others don’t like, please let us know. Until then, let’s just always blame the organization and it’s leaders for what some crackpot may say.

  27. To repeat what was just posted two days ago:

    We’d remind everyone of the general rules…

    -Issues, not personalities.

    -No name calling.

    -No allegations of illegal or unethical behavior without substantiation.

    Know the difference between opinion and fact. If you can’t figure out the difference, this blog is above your head.

    Carry on.


  28. These are not “unsubstantiated allegations,” this is what I heard and experienced with others, and this is why I and others are not interested in joining the local GOP or attending the meetings Brian suggested in this original post.

    No, I do not want you to contact me Brian. I have no idea who you are beyond your posting here and on Twitter that I am a liar, a troll, a “Hanna Montana,” a political consultant and that I know the editors of this site (which I do not) along with other lies and insults. Please just consider the way you acted tonight and leave me alone going forward.

    I have been in communication with Ruben Barrales the past few weeks and he seems like a solid, reasonable and professional GOP leader. If someone credible like that wants to obtain more detail on this subject as we meet on other topics, then I am happy to provide the info.

    I highly doubt this group would want, and I don’t think I would either, the name of a major donor posted with his unfortunate, hurtful comments on the web. That’s not what this is about. Why is this Brian and Tony’s focus?

    This post is about the San Diego GOP considering their image and how they treat people.

    I will not stand for anyone calling me a liar and again, I am happy to talk with a reasonable GOP leader about what exactly was said by whom at the US Grant and about other comments at that and other events.

    Finally, can you control what anyone says at one of your events? Of course not. Can you control how you receive information about negative statements made at your events? Absolutely, and the comments here and on Twitter speak for themselves.


  29. I’m shocked that someone in this county would change parties simply for political benefit, or worse yet, be pressured by one or another political party simply to gain their funding and support. Shocked!

  30. “I highly doubt this group would want, and I don’t think I would either, the name of a major donor posted with his unfortunate, hurtful comments on the web. That’s not what this is about. Why is this Brian and Tony’s focus?”

    You led your “constructive criticism” with a claim of bigotry. I want to know whom to avoid. Is that so unreasonable?

  31. With all due respect Ms. Dow, you started your “honest input” post by claiming that when you attend “local GOP events” you encounter “off-hand comments from other senior republican donors / organizers regarding women, people of color, different religions and of course sexual preference.”

    You are suggesting that at multiple GOP events (you used the plural term), all of the listed types of comments have been made – apparently multiple times (again, you used the plural term.) Is that your assertion? That seems rather implausible, especially since I probably attend more “local GOP events” than anyone in San Diego and don’t recall ever having met you.

    Such vile, blanket accusations will not go unchallenged. Let the record show that Ms. Dow has provided no proof of such comments being made — let alone how they would represent the views of an entire Party? No names.

    Ms. Dow, if you wish to engage in a productive discussion about which principles are better for “our children” then we welcome that but please skip the absurd, inaccurate main stream media talking points blanket statements. It just makes you look like a tool for the left — especially when you can’t back them up.

  32. For once, I agree with Brian.

    Republicans are down 60,000 voter registrations. We won’t gain that by being namby-pamby and moderating our stand on ANY issues. Fletcher’s votes as an Assemblymember were often the only Republican votes counted along with the Democrats, but no one spoke out. Well, I spoke out since I was in his district and called often about several of his votes. But, as a party, we continued to be silent about these bad votes as he ran for Mayor. We never held him accountable.

    I am of the opinion that we lost more voters by NOT speaking out against his votes. We should speak out when someone intentionally and flagrantly claims to represent the party yet votes against the core values of the party, against every other Republican in the legislature, and against the wishes of his constituents.

    Having said that, here’s how we will gain back those 60,000 votes.

    First, reach out – not to independent Republicans who backed Fletcher, but to registered Republicans who were so turned off by the candidates we backed that they refused to vote at all. Ask them to tell you honestly why they did not vote and actually LISTEN to them. If I’m right, that the reason was mainly our candidates, then FIX THAT by finding better candidates. If there were other reasons, then listen to those as well. But the first step has to be making the effort to ASK! We have this information in the voter roles. We could easily reach out to them and ask why they didn’t vote. Brian asked for input, but I’d like to see the real plan for actually GETTING that input. How about a mailed survey or an invitation to an online survey with a raffle entry or some kind of incentive for responding?

    Then, we need to reach out to those who left the Republican Party since 2008 and registered as NPP. We also need to ask them why they left the party. I realize the Republican Party can’t directly reach out to those folks, but an independent organization could.. We really need to know why they left, and the best way to find that out is to actually ask them. Knowing that may give us a clue as to how to win them back. After all, they WERE Republicans, and they may be ready to re-register as Republicans if we can give them a good enough reason. Again, this information is available in the voter roles. Someone needs to develop a specific plan for reaching these individuals by mail, by phone, or by email. We desperately need their input, but I don’t see a plan for getting it.

    So, what’s your plan, Brian? I’d love to hear it.

  33. What I would agree with Karen on is that the local (and state) party would be well advised to spend some $$$ on public opinion research to understand “brand” and try to understand how it is perceived.

    I would, however, take a lot of issue that GOP/Conservatives “staying home” is a big problem. Always like more turnout but the numbers are pretty darn impressive and that is a place that Tony K. deserves a big hat tip. No one stayed home because Carl was Gay or because some GOP’er once said they were not opposed to some tax measure. We lose because we have, I believe the research shows, because we have a brand problem with the more disinterested citizens who don’t have a CLUE what SDrostra is nor the nuances of public policy stance but who don’t think the GOP “Cares about people like me.” Getting more of them to answer THAT question in the affirmative is a first big step toward GOP resurgence (and I would argue a rebirth for our great state)

  34. To the person that attempted to post a lengthy comment taking to task someone you don’t like:

    ONCE AGAIN… No allegations of illegal or unethical behavior without substantiation.

    It’s become apparent the last few days that some don’t know the difference between allegations and substantiation.

    Just because you say something, doesn’t substantiate it. In fact, even if you personally know something to be true, but have no proof other than your own statement, that STILL DOESN’T substantiate a thing.

    The test can me measured this way: If you intend to make a claim, but have no proof of such, while knowing full well the target of your claim will deny it — At best that turns into a “he said, she said” fight on Rostra. At worst, it’s potential libel.

    We won’t tolerate either on this site.

  35. Mrs. Dow,
    Can you register as “independent” in CA? I think you mean you chose not to declare, right?
    Just to clarify what you ranted, you have been very impressed throughout your life by Republicans, but you overhear people at a Lincoln Club function (a non-partisan group, not a Republican group) and overhear people on a golf course being racists and/or bigots so you damn the entire local GOP? A group you know so much about that you weren’t aware that Tony is the chair?

    Your post is embarrassingly uninformed. Of course the Party wants feedback, but maybe it should be informed and useful feedback.

    And if you are going to damn people based on the company you assume they keep, what’s it say about you that you defend Fletcher who lied to me more than once and has been accused of lying by some of the most respected people in the county who have nothing to gain by making a false accusation? Fletcher, who also attacked DeMaio by issuing a press release telling him to “man up” is somehow not the bigot here? Does he need to say it during a round of golf for it to count to you? Just a reminder, the two Republican candidates for mayor were both gay and one is a woman. The two non-Republicans were both white men with apparent temper tantrum problems. Also you worked in a White House lead by a guy who cheated on his wife with an intern and was impeached for being a liar (not to mention accused of rape a couple times).

  36. I am Gaby Dow’s husband. For the record, I was with my wife when we both heard the slur to which she referred in her post yesterday. My wife is an intelligent, hard-working, and honest person. Insinuations to the contrary are not appreciated. The people posting rude comments about my wife never met her and they clearly don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

    And the “she’s Hannah Montana…no…no… she’s Selena Gomez” comments (which appear to be a reference to my wife’s Hispanic background) are absolutely sophomoric. I am embarrassed for you.

  37. Steve,

    You’re reaching. I have no idea who your wife is other than to see that she is a consultant for political projects (from her website)

    I specifically said “stop the Hannah Montana drama ” and made reference to Selena Gomez ‘ character because your wife made a claim out of thin air …like the character Gomez plays would do. Why use those references? Because your wife took to Twitter to cause drama. (like the characters do on TV) because we asked her to back up her claim, a claim you have now asserted. So, now …. I’ll ask you to back up your claim by naming these so called Republican bigoted golfers.

    You might do everyone a favor and confront bigotry instead of trying to look for it where it doesn’t exist

  38. Michael,

    Calling the Lincoln Club non-partisan is like calling the Labor Council non-partisan. It may be technically correct, but it is laughable nevertheless.


    Do Michael’s comments about Fletcher”s “lying to me more than once” and having “apparent temper tamper problems” pass your test of “no allegations without substantiation?”

  39. No, it doesn’t pass the test either. Carl and Nathan are both liars, apparently because someone says it. And, the entire Party is racist, because someone said so. Readers, please refrain from allegations you can’t prove.

  40. So Steve, now your wife is the victim? Becuase a minute ago it was your wife calling every registered Republican in San Diego a bigot because she heard a couple of guys she was playing golf with say something. And we were the victims. Remember that?

    Hypocrisy, next time Nathan lies to me on the phone I’ll have the tape recorder recording. I promise.

  41. Michael – I, like you, am not typically a fan of the victim-mentality. In fact, this is one of the reasons I was attracted to my wife in the first place. She has worked for years in typically white-male dominated professions, and she excels because she is very good at what she does and she works her ass off.

    That said, I am a white guy and the Hannah Montana / Selena Gomez comment did strike me as having a condescendingly sexist, and then anti-Hispanic undertone… but Brian, I’ll have to take your word for it… I cannot say that I am up on the specific flaws of whatever character Selena Gomez plays on the Hannah Montana show.

    My wife was giving honest and blunt feedback based on her experience… and she got crucified for it. A response that I might have expected would have been, “wow, that is terrible… I am surprised that this was your experience… understand that this attitude is not reflective of the greater GOP party, this blog, etc, etc, we stand for x,y,z , etc… Abraham Lincoln’s philosophy of x,y,z is a backbone of our core principles, etc, etc ”… There are an infinite number of ways that one could have responded to the feedback she provided. In fact, it was a great opportunity for you as a website to really push your message of inclusion on the debate floor, etc. Instead, many respondents simply accused her of stirring drama and any “teachable moments” (forgive the Obama phrase reference as I imagine this does not go over well with the audience of this blog) seem to be completely pissed away.

    Regarding the substantiation of unsubstantiated, alleged allegations, etc, etc … that’s why I posted what I posted. I am offering my personal testimony in support of what my wife said. I heard it too. I imagine full substantiation for some of you would require a live HD video-feed and probably a swab sample for DNA evidence.
    It is not illegal to be a bigot, and it is not unheard of that there would be a bigot at a Republican event… and the same can be said about a Democratic event. Bigots unfortunately exist. Hopefully, bigoted ideas will continue to dissipate over time.

    I do need to also point out though that the skill of reading comprehension seems to be lost on some of you. If you actually re-read what she says, my wife never called “every registered Republican in San Diego a bigot”… she essentially discusses the exact opposite.

    This ties to my greater point (and I think hers too). I am simply tired (actually exhausted) of the political games – and I’m not even a politician. What are the games? I think Gaby’s comment about a “focus on trashing in general vs building and innovating” essentially says it effectively. Her experience with several people who locally “speak for Republicans” has simply been negative – in large part due to these games. She was giving this feedback because she assumed that you truly wanted it when you asked for it and she cared enough to take the time to give it – blunt as it may be.

    I understand that people on differing sides of an issue get wound up because they feel so strongly in opposition to each other’s views. I also understand that people will look for witty ways of expressing their views in an attempt to convince an observer to see the perceived error in the other’s perspective. But I do also sense a surprisingly seething and even vicious tone with many posts / tweets in these types of blogs (on both sides of the aisle) that I and many others truly feel is threatening the effectiveness of our political system. I’d stay up on my soap box longer, but I have to believe that in your heart of hearts, most of you reading this agree.

  42. Post

    “but Brian, I’ll have to take your word for it”

    Thank you. I’ll take your word about the Lincoln Club event. The stuff I heard from Filner supporters, at Golden Hall that night, was stomach-turning and yet…I don’t hold “senior Democratic Party officials/donors” responsible for what a bunch of unidentifiable bigots say.

    “My wife was giving honest and blunt feedback based on her experience… and she got crucified for it.”

    I disagree. Both Tony and I asked her tell us who these “senior Republican officials/donors, around RB and the golf course” were and she deflected to the election night event. But Gaby specifically cited “senior Republican officials and donors” which, by definition means that she knows who those people are (otherwise how would she know they are senior Republican officials/donors?).

    This point makes all the difference in the conversation.

    All she had to say was Mr/Mrs XXXX. Most likely, Tony and I would have said “oh, he’s a bigoted jerk and not a ‘senior Republican official/donor”. I can only conclude that by choosing to intentionally shield these bigots that it would be inconvenient or unprofitable for her to substantiate those claims.

    Did some jerk say something at the Grant hotel? Probably. Was he/she a “senior Republican official/donor”? Most definitely not.

  43. One core value of Republicans is no new taxes. Proposition 26 closed the TMD public vote loophole created in San Diego and copied over 50 times in California.

    The City Council voted to increase Hotel Taxes 5% ($80+ million annually) from the 10.5% TOT, to an effective 15.5% with all Republican Councilman, Mayor Sanders, the Chamber, Taxpayer Association, etc. support for the Convention Center expansion (3%) and the 2% TMD.

    What happened to the core principle of no new taxes. Especially without a public vote?

  44. Brian,

    I think you need to re-read Tony’s first response to Mrs. Dow. Crucifixion may have been too strong a word, but he was definitely on the attack. The first step in correcting a problem is admitting that you have a problem. I see no evidence that the first step is forthcoming.

  45. Hypocrisy, in a town with so many union goons eager to lie, cheat, and steal their way to political power, it is hard to tell incompetence from malfeasance.
    After talking this thing through, I agree with you that clearly Mrs. Dow was the former rather than the latter. But we worked it out now. All is well. I know you were hoping for a Republican Party full of racists and bigots, but it turns out she just had no idea what she was talking about and some golfers are jerks.
    You lost this one, but hang in there. There will be more to come.

  46. Michael,

    I am not sure exactly what you think it is that I lost, but this is not a sporting event and I am certainly not rooting for the Republican Party to be “full of racists and bigots” so that the Democrats can win more “contests.” That attitude is a big part of the problem – politics are a means to an end and that end shouldn’t be a stronger Party; it should be a stronger Country.

    I may be a registered Democrat because my beliefs about what is best for our country (especially on the social side) align more with that party’s principles, but I will support good ideas from wherever they come from. I am more concerned with the future of our country than I am with whether the Democrats or Republicans win a particular race. In fact, I have supported Republican candidates in virtually every election; when was the last time you supported a Democrat?

    You can continue to blame the problems of the Republican Party on “uninformed voters” if you want. You can also continue getting defensive and going on the attack whenever someone criticizes you or perhaps you could actually make a true attempt to win over and show respect for all of the people, not just those you consider to be “informed” voters. I sincerely hope you choose the latter because a one-party system is a not a system that will benefit our country.

  47. Yeah, in your opinion it’d be great to have BOTH parties making bad decisions about supporting dishonest union leaders, huh?

    Judging by the many attack the Republican posts you have on here, Hypocrisy, you are truly appropriately named.

  48. Hypocrisy,

    Point taken but the death of the GOP, while a wishful talking point, is greatly exaggerated. You’ll note that my letter was asking Fletcher supporters what they liked about him, not an open solicitation to discuss bigoted golfers who have no connection to the GOP.

    It was a request for positive information and turned into an attack opportunity, for someone who doesn’t like bigoted golfers but saw an opportunity to do a drive-by comment on Mr Krvaric and the RPSDC in general.

    Mea culpa for not just saying “non-sequitur” when it was first uttered.

  49. Ms. Dow, OK, you do all of this coordinating for VCs voluntarily. Thanks for the clarification that you are not a lobbyist or paid consultant….that is interesting.

    But hey, other than that, THOR’s Asst. is this some kind of record for the number of comments on a post?

  50. Michael,

    Thank you for your well thought out response. I would have expected nothing less.

  51. Mrs. Dow started out likeable and her comments came off sincere at first, but then it became clear her claims were unsubstantiated, self-serving, and less than honest so she turned to having a temper tantrum directed at the San Diego Republican Party.

    She really pulled a Fletcher.

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