Amato Activists Raise $100K in One Night!

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From our media partner, Rick Amato of AM-1170 KCBQ Radio…

San Diego, CA – The Rick Amato Show in recent months has dramatically grown a large, fiercely loyal audience of conservative online listeners who have come to call themselves ‘Amato Activists.’

Despite the late night hour (9pm-11pm PST) the audience stretches across all U.S. time zones and even includes dedicated conservative listeners in Europe.

On Tuesday, May, 24th the ‘Amato Activists’ demonstrated the power of their values and beliefs.

Richard Hunsucker appeared as an in-studio guest on Amato’s show. Hunsucker is a United States Marine Corps vet who recently completed a walk across America from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA in order to raise money for America’s wounded vets.

After the show Hunsucker received a $100,000 donation from New York.

Hunsucker had this to say:

“Today I received a $100,000 donation that would never have happened if I weren’t a guest on Rick’s radio show. It happened as a result as my appearing on the show and I could not be more delighted! Thank you so much.”

Those wishing to donate money to Richard Hunsucker’s cause can visit:



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