Amanda Young Rigby Is The Lone Vote For Freedom…Again

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The U-T reports that the Vista City Council granted Dollar General a permit to build a store in its kingdom but decided what it can or can’t sell.  Let’s look at quotes from both sides of the alcohol permitting process.

“Combine those two factors and there is no way that additional (alcohol) sales would add anything to the city of Vista,”

“I am not willing to limit somebody’s ability to sell their retail wares because they weren’t first in line in the neighborhood,”

Rigby said the latter (of course).  Mayoral candidate and statist Cody Campbell said the first one.  Centralized planning knows no party preference in the Kingdom of Vista.  Council members from both parties habitually adopt the arrogant position that they know what is best for their subjects.

Dollar General suggested that it may withdraw its plan to build a store in Vista now (because of the alcohol prohibition)  and that would be a shame.  Vistans lose when free enterprise shrinks and the Vista City Council is the instrument for that loss.

Amanda Young Rigby is the exception.  She is the lone, pro-freedom voice on that Council.  John Franklin would be an excellent partner for Rigby so I encourage Vistans to vote for him this November.


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