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Another campaign shares its mail with Rostra, this time from Rocky Chavez for Assembly.  Janene Shepherd of Team Chavez says that this is “the only mailer used by our campaign since the Primary.  However, I must point out one glaring error in this mailer (since this mailer was designed a while back); it says that Rocky and his wife Mary have three grandchildren – they now, in fact, have five grandchildren…”  Rocky was blessed with two new grandkids, one on primary night and another in August.

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  2. Interesting you brought it up Brian. The Rocky campaign says this is the only mail piece used since the primary. Really, running a full fledged campaign for Assembly and they haven’t produced a new mail piece for the general? Not even a single hit piece against Sherry? Really? Hard to believe, unless they knew they would be relying on Munger independent expenditures as the mail. How could the Rocky campaign know such a thing, unless they were coordinating with the Munger people? Doesn’t the whole coordination thing make it illegal? I’m legitimately asking if anyone knows.

  3. Team Rocky has also sent out thousands of letters that a large group of our volunteers folded, stuffed, stamped and sealed and we have had several different doorhangers, again in big quantities that some of us have been walking and delivering to homes all over the district. And we also had the extremely popular reusable bags with all the campaign info on them also! Some ads too online and in the newspaper!

  4. Yes, that must be it. He had no integrity in the Corps or perhaps lost it shortly thereafter. I really think you’re onto something, Brian!

    After all, Sherry is well known for never hitting below the belt and running such a CLASSY campaign against Chavez and Douglas.

  5. Hold on a second, Bax. I have continually said that Col. Chavez is an honorable man but his brand of “conservatism” does not meet with the traditional definition of conservative. I have often said that traditional conservatives should be suspect of the “modern” brand.

    For example, does a career in the military automatically make you a “conservative”? Absolutely not. Nathan Fletcher recently lent his support to a state-wide plastic bag ban; hardly an action which “conserves” our First Principles. I don’t think anyone would argue that Admiral Sestak (Ret), while an honorable flag officer, is anything BUT conservative.

    Col. Chavez has demonstrated, through spoken word, that he is the guy to “make government work”. This is a dramatic departure from the traditional conservative question “Is this the proper role of government?”

    Do I think Col Chavez would fight for this country…again? Absolutely. That has never been in question. But patriotism does not a conservative make. A deep understanding and belief that individuals, pursuing their own interests, can better solve most of the problems rather than government is the cornerstone of the traditional definition of conservatism.

    Charles Munger doesn’t believe that. Sherry Hodges does.

    I don’t think Col. Chavez lacks integrity. I just don’t think he understands what conservatism really is. Munger’s overwhelming contributions, to his campaign, confirms that. That doesn’t make Col. Chavez a bad guy but it certainly calls his “conservative” credentials into question.

  6. You can’t make more mailers if you can’t raise money. What Rocky does have is a for sale sign next to his vote, that’s why special interests have dumped over 350 thousand dollars into his campaign thus far.

    Also, I see Bob Filner has yet again made a cameo on Rocky’s campaign literature.

  7. Tony Trejo … delighted to see the only thing you can “slam” Rocky Chavez about is a photo of him taken in his capacity w/ Veterans Affairs. Ms. Hodges can only sling mud and hash to see what sticks to the walls and at your advisement. Rocky will vote as he sees fit rather than doing as “told”.

  8. June, I’m not sure you understand how politics works, but nobody tells candidates or politicians how to vote. Of course, if a Republican was to consistently support non-Republicans, then the party would be much less likely to endorse in the future. That’s how politics has worked, and always will. It’s just a matter of sticking to principle.

    But that’s beside the point. Tony’s “jab” regarding Filner in Rocky’s literature is fun. We’re poking fun. People do that. People make jokes. Trust us, we have plenty more interesting facts about Rocky that are a little more interesting than a picture with Filner.

    For example, why did Munger just put another $150K into Rocky’s campaign? Seriously, I’m not even joking, he just put another $150K in. That’s $500K from one man and his PAC, and you’re telling me that in a Republican v. Republican race, that isn’t a bit suspicious?

    You want to talk about slinging mud and seeing what sticks? We’ve now had reports of nearly ten different mailers from Munger. TEN MAILERS. How ridiculous. We present flaws in Rocky’s record, especially regarding pension reform and running a charter school. This is how campaigns are run. Candidates point out the flaws in their opponents so that the voters can see what they are getting. If you can’t stand that, maybe politics isn’t the best realm for you.

    And humorously enough, one of our volunteers called a Republican household today for Sherry, and was told to, and I quote “get off the short bus and vote for Rocky”. How classy, Rocky camp! With a disabled brother in wheelchair, I was very close to calling that man back and letting him know how ignorant he was.

    You don’t even need to look at Rocky’s record to see his “Rocky” foundation. Just see the people that dump half a million dollars into getting him elected.

    P.S. I’m daring you to tell me Munger’s a good guy who just feels that Rocky’s the best choice. $500K could better be spent in a more compelling race in San Diego, such as DeMaio v. Filner, Ellis v. Lightner, or Plescia v. Block.

  9. Quote from Sage “nobody tells candidates or politicians how to vote”

    Quote from Tony “What Rocky does have is a for sale sign next to his vote”

    So two differing opinions from the same campaign, so which is it?

    Also telling people on Rostra that they don’t understand politics and to get out of the realm? This is the same condescending tone that has been coming from this campaign all along. It doesn’t make your candidate look good, if anything it drags her in the mud with you.

    Now this quote:

    “For example, why did Munger just put another $150K into Rocky’s campaign? Seriously, I’m not even joking, he just put another $150K in. That’s $500K from one man and his PAC, and you’re telling me that in a Republican v. Republican race, that isn’t a bit suspicious?”

    As for Charles Munger, he is helping beth gaines and pete tateshi as well. I supposes they are terrible candidates too! He has put close to 30 Million to the No on prop 30 and yes on prop 32 (and that might be an under estimate). But according to all of your logic, there must be some suspicious reasons Munger is donating all this money. I mean 30 Million gosh golly that’s a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere! It’s his money and by my principles a man can donate wherever he wants to donate. I see a pro business man supporting pro business props and candidates that he is passionate about. If you can’t stand that, maybe the realm of politics is not for you 😉

  10. June – Rocky’s record speaks for itself.

    1. He raised pensions in Oceanside both in size and scope.
    2. When the city couldn’t afford the promises he made he kicked the can down the road and borrowed money to pay for them.
    3. He took a $120,000 salary from a school he started and promptly ran into the ground.
    4. During his tenure at the school he was banned from Oceanside High School, because of his dirty recruiting practices.
    5. Once he resigned from the school, noting he wasn’t really interested in education and wished to “focus on local politics,” he then took a job for the State of California.

    Rocky’s legacy in Oceanside is as follows…

    Increased structural deficit, cuts in services, increases in fees to taxpayers, and a failed school that provided additional loss of taxpayer dollars.

  11. There isn’t a darned thing wrong with a man spending his money, the way he sees fit. Mr, Cross but Munger is hardly a friend of movement conservatives:

    or small-government activists:,0,639051.column

    Munger IS Col. Chavez’ biggest supporter, though. You can couch it any way you please Mr. Cross but men are judged by the company they keep.

    The only conservative, in the AD78 race, is Sherry Hodges.

  12. Gerald, you’re taking quotes out of context. I was discussing how the parties don’t force people to do anything. But you can misconstrue what you want, if that’s your prerogative. I represent myself on this site, not the campaign.

    As for my “condescending tone”, I never said June should leave the realm, I simply said it perhaps wasn’t the best realm for her if she disliked candidates having their flaws pointed out. I meant no condescendence.

    And I think Brian accurately rebutted the idea of Munger just being a pro-business man.

  13. The claims about Chavez making money off of his school that he financed with a home loan are entirely as accurate as Sherry’s suspicions about witchcraft being taught in North County Schools. The hurt feelings over Munger are more than a bit hypocritical given that Sherry has a long, but unenviable history of attack mailers and outright lies. Just ask Douglas who endorsed Chavez…..

    Pot meet kettle.

  14. Tony Trejo is right – appearing next to Filner during a non political event in honor of African American Marines definitely means that Chavez is a closet Democrat!

    I see now who the brains of the Hodges operation is. Kudos for for running such a classy and cerebral campaign, Tony. Really, well done.

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