P.C. Look Back At Mother’s Day

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Last Sunday, churches, stores, and homes were filled with the joyous phrase, “Happy Mother’s day.” But a wise, modern mind would question whether or not to repeat those words. We have to maintain our Political Correctness after all. Saying “Happy Mother’s Day” could be showing insensitivity and discrimination to fathers or to children or to women who are not mothers.

OK. How about “Happy Day?” Hmm. That discriminates against people who aren’t happy.

OK. Let me just say, “Day.” No…Still doesn’t work. It leaves out all the people who prefer night to day. I guess in this P.C. climate the best thing is to not say anything at all.

But then silence must also be offensive to somebody, so next year, I guess I’ll just continue the tradition and say, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

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