A new 10-step plan for immigration reform is outlined by NAFBPO

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As the debate on immigration continues to heat up across the United States, not only has it made its way into many political races, but pro-immigrant groups like La Raza have pulled out their Stradivarius violins and started playing the ‘here for a better life’ tune — however immigration reform remains empty rhetoric from both parties and has left Americans divided.

Perhaps the 112th Congress should hold a round table meeting and listen to the guys who have worked on the front lines of immigration their entire careers – the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO).

The organization, which also puts out a daily newsletter called the M3 Report, released their 25-page comprehensive immigration solution plan today. The 10-step immigration reform plan, if followed, could actually find favor with many Americans.

The leaders at NAFBPO contend that their experience qualifies them to discuss “the flaws in present laws policies and practices, to set out steps that they see as necessary to improve control of illegal immigration, and to suggest improvements to the system for legal immigration.”

It all starts with enforcement. Without enforcement, nothing else matters and America is doomed to repeat the failed 1986 amnesty act which wasn’t implemented properly and was infested with massive fraud.

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