In mailboxes: A little secret the city council and unions don’t want you to know

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The mailer linked below from the “Committee for Jobs” landed in mailboxes today.  Insiders say that at least one head honcho at the Labor Council (that may narrow the list, of course) is fuming.

“There’s a little secret that the San Diego City Council and the Labor Unions don’t want you to know,” reads the “Urgent” and personalized message, targeting the issue over whether the city will require unionized labor on all downtown hotel projects.  See it here:

Committee for jobs mailer (you may have to rotate the pdf file)


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  1. Interesting graphics, but it fails to meet the 10-second
    test. If the voter can’t figure out what they’re talking about
    in the first 10 seconds, they probably won’t bother. Is it
    about pensions, room taxes, changing redevelopment,
    does it involve Prop. D? Too much data, too little

  2. Agreed on the mail piece. That said, I’m happy someone is standing up to the labor council and this latest ill-conceived plan. Tourism is the golden goose in San Diego with the money it generates for hotels, businesses, and the city coffers in the form of TOT.

    Stupid stupid stupid.

  3. They’ll drive up the cost of building and operating a hotel to the point it becomes unattractive for private investment (even more than it already is in today’s market) and then clainm the only way to build and manage any new hotels is for government to do it…they’ve tried it before at places like the Port, and they’ll do it again. New convention center expansion in the works that could drive up demand for additional hotel rooms….hmmmm???

  4. I just read in the Daily Transcript that the city council voted (Carl & Kevin opposed) to take from the CCDC and give to themselves the authority to approve new hotel projects downtown. Bottom line: no PLA and agreement to use unionized labor in the hotel means no project approval for you. And this is the same council/mayor that wants to raise our taxes – and says it’s not for their union buddies. If Jerry Sanders has one Republican bone left in his body he will veto this latest action — anyone willining to bet on it.

    Oh well, enough internet surfing for me. Back to finishing up the business plan to move our companies out of California.

  5. Look at the bright side. By making profitable new hotels impossible to build in downtown San Diego, that should kill off interest in another taxpayer financed expansion of the downtown convention center.

    It SHOULD, but this mayor and city council might finance such an expansion without the hotel rooms. Or maybe they’ll just build a big ballpark in some Iowa cornfield — repeating the mantra “if we build it, they will come.”

    Fewer hotels, fewer rooms to rent, fewer restaurants, less T.O.T. and sales tax revenue, fewer jobs, fewer conventions and more city debt — life is good in laid back, brain dead San Diego.

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