A Leader Who Votes For His Constituents

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Joel Anderson press release…

Sacramento Bee study demonstrates Senator Anderson is one of the most independent voices in the Senate

State Capitol – A Sacramento Bee study released recently determined that Senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine) is the third most independent Senator of the 40-member house.

A typical example of Anderson’s independence in Sacramento was his vote against Assembly Bill 340, a measure designed to preempt local government’s ability to further reform their public employee pensions. Senator Anderson confronted his Party’s stance because he believes every local government should have access to all the tools in the toolshed to balance their budgets and avoid financial ruin.  Additional pension reform is one of those tools, and eliminating it was not in the best interest of his constituents.

“I take my district responsibilities very seriously and review proposed legislation with my constituents in mind,” said Senator Anderson.  “The needs of my district come first – even if that means not voting with my Party.  To me, it’s not about ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat,’ it’s about serving my constituents and the great state of California to the best of my ability.”

The full Sacramento Bee analysis can be viewed here.

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  1. A real profile in courage. What next, vote against tax increases. I must say I am happy he is doing his job,but isnt that the least we can expect?

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