A Case For Changing The Republican Party of San Diego County — Conclusion

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In my last installment, I suggested that there was only one approach to grow our party for the 2016 election cycle — change the endorsement process. I said:

Our endorsement process is broken — it alienates a lot of people. After reading through this entire series, I’ve concluded that two things could change us for the better: getting people elected to the Central Committee with no financial stake in the party endorsements (which can’t be attempted until 2017) or changing the way we endorse candidates (which can be changed in the next month). The latter is the only option we have this election cycle.”

I intended to introduce an idea which would do just that. I worked with a few committee members to craft an idea that would delay endorsement votes while preserving the ability to hold an early endorsement vote with a supermajority of the Central Committee’s approval. It was a balanced approach.

My intention was to publish the proposal here, signed by at least 12 committee members. Passing the by-law change would take at least 31 votes so a ground swell of support was needed to gain traction.

That didn’t happen. I couldn’t get twelve members to join me. The reform idea is dead.

This has been a good conversation. I’m glad we started having it out in the open. People, within and outside the RPSDC apparatus read this. Ideas were advanced and we have good ideas which are two years ahead of their time. For now, I’ll finish out my term as a Central Committee member.

The only mechanism for real change now is the ballot box in June 2016. If you want to see the Republican Party of San Diego County become more inclusive, you’ll have to stand for and win election to the Central Committee.

Thank you for all of your comments, input, and advice.


Link to all six parts and the conclusion from one page.


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  1. Brian,

    I have been reading & commenting on this site since early 2013. We both know that was not an easy first several encounters between the two of us…in fact, it at times was outright contentious (not nasty as is the MO from some here) though always coming around to civility and respect..even though we were in stark disagreement. I truly appreciated that. WRT our interactions and your specific comments and articles, many have commented to me they thought you were most often level headed, fair, and open to the concerns of many.

    Sadly it is not remotely surprising that you could not get at least 12 members to join you..assuming you contacted all 31 plus members and they were both aware and in agreement with your very practical, fair, just, and transparent process for improving a well-recognized broken process. This process, while many argue it is outright corrupt, most agree it is at least inefficient and ineffective, nor is it the best, most equitable process for inclusion, interaction, or true representation for Right-minded SDC voters.

    Once again, the RPSDC had an opportunity to show good faith with its constituents, supporters, volunteers, and potential voters; instead, it once again chose the impractical, unfair, unjust, and non-transparent path…see, if there were either money, or influence or backroom deals, or some party advancement involved for select insider beneficiaries, then they would have certainly found 31 plus votes…but it didn’t. It was a ground swell-focused effort, commented buy a dozen or so “in the know ” types, and relfected upon, experienced by, and ultimately rejected (the process) by scores of other formerly motivated, inspirational, influential, and loyal Republicans that can only further conclude the GOP in San Diego is a RINO/Establishment-zombie shell of its former self.

    This is perhaps one of the biggest indictments to the RPSDC leadership and its inability to manage, lead, or produce the necessary thrust to attract the 80K voters lost over its increasingly decrepit and feeble tenure.

    Your efforts to be a real change-agent, vice bloviating posers for change, gives some faith that the system, while broken, doesn’t suck the practicality and true sense of the American ideal out for representation, for and by the people, is a testament to hope and finding other ways to advance true Republican ideals.

    One take away-We now know that will not be through the Republican Party of San Diego County.

    Well done!

  2. Post

    Thanks FF. We didn’t disagree THAT much 😉

    I’m still on the Central Committee but I’ll focus my efforts on OneManCan.org this election cycle. I can still work to change the game in the 52nd and 53rd CD, District 1 Council, and 78th Assembly race in June, 2016 (oh…there’s a Presidential primary, too!)

    Thank you FF and Sam for your advice, comments, and encouragement.

  3. Thank You Brian for your (our) efforts.

    I am greatly sorry that we could not bring forth this New Proposal for the endorsement process here in San Diego County Republicanland. It has the right thing and had many merits and advantages. Perhaps some day in the future.

  4. Post
  5. Post

    From that article, TA:

    “The deal isn’t done, but the rumor is that Busby will be asked to commit to build a real precinct level operation, with precinct captains, house meetings and volunteers walking in their own neighborhoods come election time. Such an operation could dramatically increase voter turnout if it was doing a) voter registration year round and b) communicating with people about issues such as minimum wage that require voter participation.”

    So the Dems have the same problem we do but might commit to building the Neighborhood Volunteer Precinct Captain Network.

    Time to wake up San Diego Republicans; we’re about to get pwned

  6. Best news I have had all year … and maybe even last year! You Brian were a major part of what was is and continues to be the San Diego GOP’s “problem”. Individuals who pretend to be members of the Party that do nothing but work to sabotage it! I wish you luck though in your future endeavors Brian and can only encourage you NOT to seek re-election to the Central Committee! You wanted to “over-throw” Tony Kvaric to become Chairman (God forbid!) during the last election cycle … but it didn’t work … your drumming up enough votes that is. You wanted to fly under radar until you could make your move but it didn’t pan out did it Brian? So, my advice to you … say good night Brian … good night, goodbye and good riddens!

  7. The above comment says volumes about the insider-cabal nature of the current leadership of the SDGOP;

    “You wanted to “over-throw” Tony Kvaric to become Chairman (God forbid!) during the last election cycle … but it didn’t work … your drumming up enough votes that is. You wanted to fly under radar until you could make your move but it didn’t pan out did it Brian?”

    No good deed goes unpunished…The leadership has been an abysmal failure for the GOP voters of San Diego. Clearly it remains in power solely because it can continue with its signature intimidation tactics on little old ladies in tennis shoes while maintaining the financial and influence traps with donors, insiders, and NRCC/RNC enablers.

    80,000 GOP voters lost…how…is…that…possible…people? You are killing yourselves with every single day that passes as you allow the SDGOP leadership to continue to marginalize, and delegitimize Republican influence.

    While they hand each other BS faux-accolades and consulting for contrived achievements, you, the Republican voter of San Diego, are suffering because you have no voice…no influence…no ability to change the course of a ship that has hit multiple icebergs and still claims it’s afloat.

    Brian Brady was no “Tea Party” “social conservative” “fringe moralist” as is often the meme against those that see the original tenets of the party fundamental to its success and foundation. Being on the inside, he captured a problem (a big one) that several former loyalists and high-level GOP operatives also recognized and he took measures within the system to change them…and now some “Arce” (indeed) takes cheap, condescending, and rather petty shots all because of a perception that he was going to tip over “The Boss Man’s” apple cart.

    Good for you Brian…while I know my endorsement will be vilified by the sycophants and trough-slurpers, I commend and applauded your efforts to “right” a widely recognized and vital “wrong” that has been fomented, allowed, and contributed to the monumental fall and detriment of a once great Party in San Diego CO.

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