Assessor Butler takes credit for public funds donated to charity

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County Assessor David Butler, who last March used the public email system to announce his campaign for the seat to employees, is now — three weeks from the election — taking credit for public funds being donated to charity.

Butler sent an official county press release this morning, proudly announcing “his” donation of $10,000 to the Polinsky Children’s Center, although the monies are public funds generated by his office for the sale of photos taken during marriage ceremonies.  A worthy contribution maybe, but not “his” when it comes to public funds.

The County of San Diego has in place a policy, at least for the Board of Supervisors, making it clear that any “community enhancement” contributions to non-profit organizations must be noted as coming from the county, at the request of the individual supervisor.  The supervisors’ “slush funds” have been under scrutiny in recent months, at least part of the reason the pool of monies has been reduced and tighter grant policies are now in place.

Timing is everything, especially for a guy running for office, on the ballot in a few weeks and requesting voters consider him for a seat to which he was appointed by the Supervisors.  Butler faces Ernie Dronenberg in the November 2 run-off election.

The emailed press release was sent to all Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk employees, over 400, this morning just after 8:00 a.m., and likely was sent to the media at the same time.


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  1. Jim Sills unfairly closed comments on his recent Wayne post, making it impossible for Wayne or reporters to respond to the question posed.

    I have received a response from Howard Wayne, which I can only post here: Wayne says he has ordered his treasurer to return the $100 contribution from Amerland’s Jules Arthur.

    It should be noted that Tony Young, a Lincoln Club-endorsed candidate in the primary, accepted $500 from Arthur and another $1,000 from other Amerland employees.

  2. Greg–

    Nice try–even putting “his” in quotes–twice no less. But I read the press release–several times–that you attached to your little message, and no where in the press release does Butler refer to the donation as “his”.

    In fact, it’s clearly stated in the release that the proceeds are from the sale of photographs, and it clearly states “we are exceptionally pleased…” which pretty much encompasses the entire department, and is a far cry from saying mine, me or (your word) “his”.

    Again, it’s no wonder politics in this county is a joke.

  3. The first line of the press release…

    “Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, David L. Butler is proud to donate $10,000 to…”

    Not that the office is proud, not even that the County is doing it at his request, which is what is required to be stated. No, it’s that “Butler is proud to donate…” In other words, “he,” “him.”

    We are not idiots.

  4. Well, then, I guess I must clarify–

    The only pronoun used in the press release is “we”, which is plural.

    Not “I”, “me” or “he”, which are singular.

    These are facts.

    In regard as to whether you’re idiots or not, that’s conjecture.

  5. “Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, David L. Butler is proud to donate $10,000 to…” – SINGULAR

  6. Not a county staffer. In fact, never worked for government at all.

    You seem to make a lot of assumptions here.

  7. “David L. Butler” is the SUBJECT of the sentence.

    “Is proud to donate” is the PREDICATE.

    “$10,000” is the DIRECT OBJECT of the sentence.

    None of those are assumptions.

  8. Thanks, Jim. Scott may neither be a county staffer nor an English major, but he certainly seems like an apologist for self serving politicians.

  9. Dear “Thor’s Assistant”,
    Don’t think for a minute that Butler has support from his staff. To the contrary I believe, as one of his employees, that 90 percent of Butlers staff will be voting againist him and for Dronenburg on November 2nd.

  10. Say, while we’re on the subject, I was at an event the other night and the mayor said something to the effect that “I’m giving this plaque” then later said it was from the city. And then the Sheriff gave a plaque and said pretty much the same thing. Let’s call them all out and split hairs while we’re at it.

    In regard to county staff voting for Dronenburg–well, since the guy’s pushing 70 and it would be a 65 mile one-way drive for him to get to the county administration building, hey, I’d consider voting for him too–your boss would probably be in the office once, maybe two days a week tops.

    And since Dronenburg has already offered political favors to county staffers already, the above takes on an additional meaning.

    And while we’re on the subject, please ask Dronenburg to produce the certificate which says he’s a “state-certified assessor”. You know, the one he says he has in his statement in the voter information pamphlet. It’s a ruse and even the UT fell for it. There is no such thing.

  11. “Scott” …
    If you look at the original blog and the comment chain above, you’ll see that the discussion is regarding Butler, not Dronenburg. If the only positive thing you have to say about Butler is to attack his opponent … Now that does says a lot!
    Regarding political favors … Tell me “Scott”, exactly what favors does a lowly Assessor/County Clerk have to offer? A free marriage license or possibly a two for one discount on death certificates?

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