7.2 earthquake rocks Mexico – three dead

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The ground shook, the roads buckled and the Mexican people stood tall. In a completely unexpected turn of events, Mexico remained in tact after a 7.2 massive earthquake struck on Easter Sunday.

“Thank God it was Easter Sunday and families were enjoying what remained of a holiday afternoon,” said Laura De Valdez the mayor of Mexicali’s wife. Lucky indeed, the 7.2 magnitude quake shattered nerves and forced mineral water reeking of sulfur to the surface concerning the Guadalupe Victoria farming community located 25 miles south east of Mexicali.

The bulk of the damage was broken windows, downed power lines and stressed roadways.

After the major quake and aftershocks subsided the Mayor of Mexicali, Mexico, Rodolfo Valdez Gutierrez surveyed the community and was thankful there were only three deaths reported and approximately 200 minor injuries.

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