69% of San Diegans Opposed Filner Proposal to Allow “Double Dipping” for ex-Politicians

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San Diego – A new poll conducted by Reform San Diego shows a super-majority of San Diegans are strongly opposed to a proposal being pushed by Mayor Bob Filner to allow ex-city councilmembers to return to work for the city on a full salary while drawing a full city pension.

“From the beginning, we saw this proposal as “Double Dipping” for ex-city politicians and this poll shows the public overwhelmingly is opposed to any form of “Double Dipping” at City Hall,” said Reform San Diego Chairman Carl DeMaio.

The release of the poll comes on the same day that the Filner Administration announced the departure of ex-city councilmember Donna Frye – whose hiring in December prompted the Filner “Double Dipping” proposal.

At the urging of Councilmember Scott Sherman, the city’s Audit Committee is slated to conduct an oversight hearing on the Filner proposal this Monday. It is unclear whether Filner will now drop his “Double Dipping” proposal or continue to push it through City Council.

Full question from poll:

“I will now read you details on some proposals. Please tell me if you support or oppose this proposal.

–To change the law to allow former city elected officials to take a job with the city of San Diego and collect pension checks from the city at the same time. Opponents say this amounts to “double dipping” by former elected officials, but supporters say this would allow former City Councilmember Donna Frye to work in Mayor Filner’s office.”

Support strongly 8.1
Support somewhat 13.7
Oppose somewhat 17.2
Oppose strongly 51.9
Unsure 9.1

Methodology: Conducted March 25-28, 2013 by Competitive Edge, n=604 Likely Voters; Margin of Sampling Error +/- 4.0%


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  1. The 31% are former city elected officials now with another job at the City of San Diego? Stahl, really? Inane.

  2. Steve,
    The practice of double dipping goes on in all these local, state and federal bureaucracies. I did not say they were all former city officals.
    These bloated bureaucracies are bankrupting not only cities in CA, but the state of CA.
    The public sector unions with their allies trade perks and benefits for votes and that is wrong.

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