49ers to Oppose Chargers’ Potential Relocation?

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The U-T San Diego Editorial Board stirred the pot of the Chargers’ stadium/relocation controversy by arguing that the team actually wants to move to L.A. They make a compelling argument, and many San Diegans lament that the Chargers are as good as gone. However, all of this assumes that the NFL owners would allow the Chargers to relocate to L.A., and I’m not sure that they will.

Voice of San Diego points out that opposition by only 9 of the NFL’s 32 teams is necessary to defeat a team’s relocation bid. San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York recently hinted that he may cast one of those ‘nay’ votes. Long story short: he wants the NFC West to remain in tact, but he thinks the Chargers/Raiders arrangement would split it up. “It sounds like if it’s two AFC West teams, I don’t think it’s in stone, but it sounds like someone would switch divisions,” said Mr. York.

So, why is that a problem?

I personally wouldn’t like to see the the NFC West change because I think our fans are starting to get used to it. For the fans, I’d like to see consistency. I think a team or two will be there (in Los Angeles). I’m indifferent, but I’d be very supportive of trying to keep the NFC West together.

Circumstances can obviously change before the vote, and this would only be one potential vote out of a necessary nine. Nonetheless, an interesting tidbit for those counting votes to evaluate the viability of the Chargers’ relocation threat. Does anyone else out there follow other NFL teams whose owners may be tipping their hands?


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  1. What the niners really want is the raiders gone so that they have all the norcal markets to themselves (note: same for Giants re A’s). The Rams will be first to LA if anyone gets there, and its unlikely that after the Rams are there, that the nfl will locate more than one additional team in the market. This will be where it gets interesting b/c when/if the Rams get to LA, funding for the shared Carson facility will disappear on the knowledge that the Raiders and Chargers cant both also go to LA.

  2. The NFL has always used the LA market in the recent past as a way to blackmail cities to build new billion dollar stadiums. During the 30 years I lived in LA, I can tell you that LA doesn’t care about NFL football enough to sell out stadiums.

    The LA Raiders, even after winning a Super Bowl in their first year in LA, rarely sold out the stadium, and the “Orange County” Rams, rarely sold out their games.

    LA never has, and never will be a city that strongly supports an NFL team with sold-out games. If a team really moves to LA, they’re in for a rude awakening.

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