Why I’m voting no on Proposition 21 (State Parks/Vehicle license fee)

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Because Politicians lie and break promises and that is a fact. Let me explain.

First of all, I grew up camping throughout the Western US, Canada and Alaska. I strongly support our County, State and National Park Systems, and I believe that our Park Systems are greatly underfunded. So with that in mind, why would I be voting “No” on Proposition 21, which claims it will bring in $500 million in revenue for our State Parks, plus free daily use for us. Once again, because politicians lie and break promises. Let me further explain.

Back in 1987, the National Park Service instituted mandatory fee collection at almost all units. The NPS had grand plans for this money. They were actually going to try to catch up on all their deferred maintenance, hire more Rangers for services (And I was one of the many Rangers hired at this time for this purpose), I mean, they had grand plans. Then Congress found that it was a money maker and decided they needed to keep a portion, which meant, the NPS was pretty much almost back to what they were in 1986.

So how does that tail related to Proposition 21? Do you really think Sacramento is going to continue to fund State Parks at the current rate if the State Parks are bringing in $500 million from this added vehicle fee? How long will it take before Sacramento decides to cut State Park funding because of this fee?

Maybe they won’t and will keep funding California State Parks at the current rate, but seriously, do you really expect Sacramento to do that?

As I stated, I grew up camping in our parks and still do. I’ve been a Park Ranger in the National and County Parks System. I’m a proven supporter of our Park Systems. But this Proposition won’t do it because of Politicians. Like so many Propositions, they look great on paper because of what they offer to do, but when you look at reality, they will either cost us (Bond measures) or Politicians WILL find a way around them (which, mostly likely, will be the case here).

So until Sacramento can provide a “promise” not to cut funding for State Parks because of the increased funding of State Parks resulting from this fee, don’t vote for Proposition 21.

Wow! I put “Sacramento” and “promise” on the same line. Stupid me, because as we know Politicians lie and break promises.


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