Since we’re talking about the Board of Supervisors, let’s talk about the benefit package for many elected officials.

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A few years ago, a friend was getting ready to make a run for the Poway City Council. He started to tell me about the benefits of holding office, and as a small business owner, trying to scrape by, I saw one of his needs to want to run for office was for the benefits. On a side note, maybe one reason that Betty Rexford is fighting so hard to stay in, is for the benefits. Just a thought.

But this blog isn’t about the benefit package offered to the Poway City Council, but to most elected officials in general, and we will direct most comments to our friends in Sacramento and Washington.

Politicians should NOT make a career of holding elected office. They should come in, do what they had planned on doing, and then leave office. If they can’t get what they wanted done, then let them pass the “mantle” to someone new. But why should they even think about leaving? One reason is the great benefit plans they are afforded that even the typical government employee, let alone the private systems can’t touch. You also have the many perks that are included (Perks? What about government vehicles. Let these politicians drive sub compacts and if they want something bigger, then it comes out of their PERSONAL pocket. Same with airfare-Coach unless they pay for their upgrade out of their own, personal pocket.)

Yes, I understand that politicians can be, and are considered to be elitists; they must also remember that it is US, the people, not the corporations (That donate so much to campaigns) that elected them to office. So I guess the blame does fall on US. If we are not educated on what is going on, we will continue to let this “stuff” slide thru. But if we stay educated and inform those around us, maybe we will get the change that we want. SO in other words, an informed electorate can be deadly to a politician.

I’d like a retirement package that gives me so much after so little time. I’d like the medical benefit package that is afforded Congress, but apparently is too good to be offered us in the Healthcare bill going to Congress.

SO, maybe instead of getting rid of term limits, we should get rid of the perks and benefits. Office holding should not be a career move, but a short term move to be involved in change for the good.


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