San Diego County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Endorses Nathan Fletcher

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The San Diego County Deputy Sheriff’s Association today announced they endorsed Nathan Fletcher for mayor, citing his independent voice and ability to work with broad coalitions to keep the public safe.

“We are proud to endorse Nathan Fletcher for mayor of San Diego,” said DSA President Dave Schaller. “During Nathan’s career he has demonstrated his commitment to keeping the people of San Diego safe. We were particularly impressed with his work on Chelsea’s Law. Many said passing sweeping public safety reform would be impossible, but Nathan proved them wrong. We know he will bring that same energy and drive to the mayor’s office, and we look forward to working with him.”

The Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County is the professional organization of more than 2,000 sworn deputies of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. For more than 55 years, the DSA has been “The Strength Behind the Badge” supporting San Diego County Deputies, their families and their communities.

“I am honored to be law enforcement’s choice for mayor,” said Nathan Fletcher. “As a combat veteran Marine, I know first-hand what it’s like to put your life on the line everyday. I respect the Deputy Sheriffs and police officers who wake up each day and put their life on the line to keep us safe. As mayor, public safety will be my top priority.”

Fletcher was previously endorsed by the San Diego Police Officer’s Association (SDPOA), Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), PORAC San Diego Chapter, San Diego County Probation Officers Association (SDCPOA), numerous other local law enforcement organizations, and the San Diego Association for Lifeguards.


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  1. Fletcher Chooses Union Bosses Over His Job

    Skips dozens of votes in the Assembly While Holding Press Conference

    Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher held a press conference with yet another government employee union while his colleagues in the State Assembly debated and voted on dozens of proposed laws.

    Less than 24 hours ago, Fletcher sent a robo-dial to voters claiming that he does not skip votes.

    2012 Sessions of the State Assembly: 62
    Fletcher Attendance: 19, or 30%

  2. Honest question…Sherry Hodges stated the Deputy Sheriff’s Association is not a union. Shepard manages her too…so does Nathan believe they aren’t a union?

  3. Our local public safety “associations” are labor unions by any common sense use of the word. For instance:

    1. They mandate dues be paid as a condition of employment (agency shops).

    2. They negotiate with their agencies for pay and benefits.

    3. They legally represent union members when their employers wish to take disciplinary action against “association” employees.

    4. They raise money and volunteers for favored (or opposed) candidates and propositions — using primarily mandatory union dues.

    The only thing these “associations” can’t do is call formal strikes. But the “association” labor bosses DO occasionally call informal or semi-strikes. There are many variations of the “blue flu” — strange maladies that can spontaneously strike as pandemics at the dictate of the bosses. Fortunately such technically illegal actions are seldom seen in the San Diego area — perhaps because most of our local politicians have been so compliant to the union bosses’ demands.

    Naturally these bogus associations vehemently deny that they are labor unions. An endorsement from a “police association” sounds SO much more positive than the same endorsement from a “police union.” But associations are union ducks — walking, quacking, selfish ducks.

    While these associations/unions care about public safety, that is a SECONDARY concern when the well-being of the members is a factor. Indeed, it can be strongly argued that a police or firefighter endorsement is ANTI-public safety, as the favored politicians are obviously more interested in satisfying union demands than providing service to the people paying the bills — and keeping the bills under control.

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