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  1. This is serious business. No one can say for sure what happened at this point. But these disclosures of Filner allegedly “requesting” $100,000 from Sunroad to be “donated” for two pet Filner projects in exchange for the Mayor effectively repealing his veto should result in a formal investigation into whether or not this is a CRIMINAL violation of the Hobbs Act.

    At the VERY least, this “pay to play” is bad policy — political payola more frequently associated with the long-corrupt older cities such as NYC and Chicago.

    But the bigger question is the LEGALITY of the mayor’s policy, and his personal actions. It’s possible that this deal may meet the legal definition of “extortion” under the Hobbs Act. Or not.

    Conjecture can only take us so far. It’s now up to the County DA and other legal authorities to investigate this matter. I certainly hope that they do.

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