ICYMI – DeMaio protects individual freedom as special interests seek local bans

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ICMYI – KUSI and The Hill covered the release of my plan to save free-market innovators like Uber and Lyft.

This is an issue of personal freedom — specifically the right of consumers to choose their ride rather than gave special interests and politicians choose it for them. Instead of siding with the cab companies’ monopolies, government should be encouraging, rather than prohibiting these solutions to our local transportation challenges.

Technology services such as Uber and Lyft are wildly popular in San Diego, particularly among those 18-40 years old. Just last week, the California legislature took up a bill to dramatically restrict use of ride-sharing solutions. Locally, leaders in San Diego’s cab industry have been examining restrictions imposed or being considered in other cities to thwart the use and growth of ridesharing solutions.

My “Choose Your Ride” Plan calls for federal legislation that would:

  • Require any state or locality that accepts federal transit or transportation funding to allow ridesharing services to compete freely with traditional cab companies
  • Require any airport that receives federal funds to allow ridesharing services to drop off and pick up passengers
  • Instruct the Secretary of Transportation to report to Congress within 18 months on implementation and safety statistics of traditional cab companies versus ridesharing programs

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  1. While I agree that Uber, Lyft and anyone else who comes along should have the opportunity to compete against taxis, this is not a Federal issue.

  2. Damn! Marti Emerald got it right. I can’t remember the last time I agreed with her on everything. She NAILED it!

    Now, let’s see if she will support the Uber-type option — primarily by getting out of the way.

    One interesting factoid in the video I’d like verification on — San Diego taxi fares are the 2nd highest in the NATION — second only to Honolulu. Anyone have a URL on that?

    If it’s true, why does MTS fix this cartel pricing at such a high level? Do YOU feel relieved you have sky-high monopoly cab pricing?

    Many will not remember this, but in the 1980’s city councilman Fred Schnaubelt and allies passed a bill to get the city to deregulate cab prices. It went fine except for the airport, where cabs have to line up for pickup — and people would go down the cab line to find the cheapest. Lots of bad blood resulted.

    As I recall, first only airport rides’ pricing was re-rigged — and then later that spread to all cab fares. But oddly enough, such price fixing did not apply to SHUTTLE fares which are set by the free market — even at the airport.

  3. Most on this blog are always quick to criticize the federal government for legislating in areas that are better (and Constitutionally) left the states.

    Why is no one (except me) calling out Mr. DeMaio for his proposed overreach of federal power?

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