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  1. Mayor Sanders has been pretty concerned about protecting his legacy. Letting Nathan Fletcher use him in a not incredibly flattering light is pretty surprising.

    Sure it’s an attack on DeMaio but this is not the statesman that Sanders wants to be remembered as.

  2. Nathan tries way too hard to be whatever it is he is morphing into… which is clearly not a statesman.
    Likely we will see Fletcher “slow jam” the news next. #lollipopinthesand

  3. Owen is right, mayor sanders is going to be $%#$*#@ about this. He comes across badly in this and Fletcher is broadcasting it to all of San Diego.

  4. Not preaching from the mount or anything, I’d be the last to do so.

    I’ve just never been a big fan of elected officials using curse words in a public context. I like to hold them to a higher standard. Be they Democrat, Republican or “Independent.”

  5. The personal abuse leveled at DeMaio this week – first Donna Frye and now the Mayor – confirm DeMaio is the Front Runner, and that the Firefighters Union (Donna Frye radio as) and the Fletcher campaign (Sanders) have run out of ideas. This is pure frustration.

  6. I don’t believe its appropriate for the Mayor of San Diego to use foul language on camera. It’s reflects poorly on him.

  7. We’re TIRED.

    To the person that attempted to respond to Sac Sam:

    1) Although most of your comment was factual and thus not a problem, some of it was name-calling and unsubstantiated. If you’re not smart enough to know the difference, go someplace else.

    2) You posted anonymously, while attempting to call out the identity of another anonymous poster. A real rocket scientist, aren’t you? The person you attempted to identify as Sac Sam has used their own name EVERY TIME they have posted on Rostra, and in fact they oppose the use of anonymity. When you attempt to identify someone, it is neither fair to the commenter nor the person you allege as the commenter. That should be common sense.

  8. Interesting ad but I am awfully confused about the strategy at this point.

    A) There has been NO public/semi public polling that indicates Carl’s base of 30-35% is “movable”. Almost comically consistent.

    B) So… is doubtful that Carl is finishing third. Moreover, with all the early voting this stuff just isn’t impacting tens of thousands of voters.

    C) Nathan’s only chance is to finish second and that rivalry is not with Carl but with Bob. Wouldn’t it be FAR more effective to start going after Bob with voters who “want to see stuff done”?

    But honestly (and yes, full disclosure, supported and endorsed Carl) I have to say this campaign is NOT doing Nathan any favors – it is showing a guy WAY too short term reactive and caught up in the immediacy without a long term PLAN for how to get from A to point B.

  9. Actually I think Sanders RELISHES projecting the profanity-laced tough guy image. He’s termed out, his career is concluding, and he doesn’t have to hold back any more.

    He’s enjoying himself — he’s tired of covering up his crude side. It was always there.

    And, of course, the press LOVES it. Not to mention such mayoral outbursts being good for ratings (properly censored, of course).

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