DeMaio and Dumanis Team Up on “Clean and Safe Schools” Initiative

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Duo to Collaborate on Education Reform, School Safety, and After-School Programs

Standing side by side with District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio unveiled his “Clean and Safe School” Initiative — which dedicates more resources to school safety and after-school programs.  As Mayor, DeMaio pledges to take an active role in education reform and forge partnerships with school boards, principals, teachers and parents to improve student achievement at every school.

DeMaio and Dumanis pledged to work together to implement key elements of the plan — which includes a Clean and Safe Schools Task Force and the creation of an City Education Foundation to fund after-school programs.

“Students learn best in clean and safe environments – free from bullying, violence, gang activity and other bad influences.  Teachers deserve a clean and safe workplace and parents expect their children to be protected and educated,” DeMaio stated, “I am committed to investing in school safety and after-school programs because I believe they are a core-function of the neighborhood services that the City should provide to families and taxpayers.”

Dumanis added, “As District Attorney, I know first-hand that providing children with clean and safe schools is critical to their success. I have seen what happens when young people are left to grow up in dangerous, unhealthy environments. Once students leave their classroom, Carl and I agree that the city has a responsibility to ensure a clean and safe environment where San Diego’s children can thrive.”

The Clean and Safe Schools Task Force will be comprised of education stakeholders, parent engagement groups, teachers, non-profit organizations, and public safety officials with the goal of identifying safety concerns, trends, and recommending policies to the Mayor, District Attorney, City Council and other elected officials.

“Even though we ran against each other for Mayor, Bonnie and I share a passion for improving the education of all San Diego children,” DeMaio noted.  “I’m thrilled to be working with Bonnie Dumanis –and in my Administration I will seek her advice and we will work collaboratively together on important public safety and education reform efforts,” DeMaio concluded.

DeMaio’s education plan addresses three specific goals in which the City of San Diego can improve the quality of education:

1.      Clean and Safe Schools: The City Charter places public safety as the highest priority of city government.   Ensuring every school is clean and safe is a key function of city government – and requires collaboration with a variety of partners including the school districts, the District Attorney and various law enforcement agencies.

2.      Restore After School Programs: While our schools may have our children eight hours a day for 180 days a year while they are in the classroom, DeMaio’s plan will create a “learning environment” before and after school and year-round.  Due to the fiscal crisis, the City and school districts have decimated after-school programs. DeMaio will forge partnerships to restore these important programs — and will work to implement the “Penny for the Arts” initiative to restore funding for arts and culture programs for youth.

3.      A Seat at the Education Reform Table: The City must be part of the conversation on improving our schools. DeMaio will use the platform of the Mayor’s Office to help lead a community-wide dialogue on education reform that involves parents, students, teachers, business leaders, and taxpayers to secure a genuine commitment from elected officials to make education a priority.


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