California’s DREAM Act part 2 — public assistance expected to clear Senate

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Part two of California’s DREAM Act that seeks to provide financial aid for illegal aliens hits the Senate floor. The controversial DREAM Act legislation is expected to pass along Democrat-led party lines.

AB 131 is sponsored by Democratic Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) and proposes illegal alien students can compete for the $40 million in public financial aid like Cal Grants and other fee waivers.

Earlier this year, California Governor Jerry Brown signed part one of the (DREAM ACT) college package AB 130 into law. This law granted illegal alien students access to the state’s $88 million in private financial aid.

As uncertain economic conditions persist, illegal alien access to taxpayer money is sure to create much more opposition. “I struggle to stay in college and depend on financial-aid packages,” said Emily Sanchez, a California State student. “We should not be offering money to those in country illegally before every American student who wants to go to college — period.”

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  1. Get ready for a civil war between states who harbor and abet ILLEGAL ALIENS and those who do not wish to dilute their society, economy, and education with them. When our government and officials openly defy the rule of law, use public funds, and put non-citizens ahead of their own and LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, it is time for a radical change. Revolution anyone?

    The people who care to learn more about the madness behind these kinds of issues should research the terms: WHITE GUILT and IDIOT COMPASSION.

    The journey of Ten Million Deportations starts with one plane load after another. We Can Do It!

  2. Do not concur. No Revolution needed. Common sense
    backed up by voters on Election Day is the way to solve
    immigration issues.

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