All you need is a few facts. You sure don’t need truth.

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The politics of envy is on full display in Illinois, Connecticut, and Kansas elections this cycle.  Their genesis was the attacks the Obama team levied at Mitt Romney.  This quote, from this Politico article, boils the strategy down to a few sentences:

“What private equity companies do and their business makes for a very easy target for people to twist and bend and simplistically attack,” said Bill Daley, President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff who briefly ran for Illinois governor against Quinn last year. “It’s tailor-made for a political consultant to attack — all you need is a few facts — you don’t need a lot of them. You sure don’t need truth.

We all love to hate negative campaigning but it works.  The goal of the political consultants is to make you think “He’s not one of us.”

It’s deplorable but it works.


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