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Alyssia Finley, quoted in the OC Register

“The fate of California Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative depends on whether voters buy his sales pitch that the new revenues will benefit schools. They won’t… About half of all new revenues will actually go to teachers’ pensions.”

Of course the issue here is the pensions. They need to be funded, but why put the blame on the pension system? The real blame goes to the bureaucrats that recommended the contracts and the politicians that approved them. If these “leaders” exemplified real leadership they would have explained to the public and the unions that we really can’t afford these deals, but no they didn’t (reelection is SO important!!!).

Let’s learn from our mistakes, demand real leadership from the people we elect and go after the bureaucrats and especially the politicians that refuse to look at the future when approving contracts that are now haunting us.


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  1. One thing I failed to mention is what is lacking from these proposed tax increase measures is some backbone to control spending. If we want to admit that pensions and salaries are a big part of the problem, then have something in the measures to control such. Personally, I would like to see something like the “Gann” initiative with a controlled rate of spending. Unless we control spending, these tax increases won’t do anything for the long term, and once again, we put off the inevitable.

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