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David Weigel, the former conservative movement columnist for the Washington Post, is running interference for Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times. Lichtblau authored the falsified New York Times article claiming Darrell Issa was engaging in business practices that led to profits improperly tied to his position as a Congressman.

Weigel’s column in Slate attempts to dispute Issa’s recent suggestion that Lichblau may never have traveled to California to research his negative article. Weigel says Issa is reading too much into Lichtblau’s famously botched description of the setting of Issa’s office.

Here’s what Weigel passes off as a rebuttal:


Daily Caller Hires Bardella

Saturday, April 16, 2011
posted by Thor's Assistant

An anonymous commenter notes here that former Darrell Issa aide and erstwhile Rostrafarian Kurt Bardella has been tapped by the Daily Caller.

Huffington Post has the full story, including the following message from Neil Patel, co-founder of the Daily Caller with Tucker Carlson…

Please join Tucker and me in welcoming Kurt Bardella who will join us tomorrow as Director of Communications. Kurt has been on Capitol Hill for the last five years in press and communications roles in the House and Senate.

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Representative Issa’s PR machine hits a snag known as “The New Yorker”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

Presumably The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza told Darrell Issa that he was going to do an article about him, with or without him… or at least implied as much. Issa would have been better off going the “without” route. In an article ironically titled “Don’t Look Back“, writer Ryan Lizza does nothing but look back. Now that Issa is the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Democrats and their interchangeable partners in the media have a sudden interest in looking back. Issa will likely investigate everything from WikiLeaks to Afghan corruption to Fannie Mae. Lizza writes a meandering, undisciplined 7,829 word article predominantly on Issa’s past.  He concedes Issa’s constituents have no real interest in it. “In 2000, two years after losing the Senate primary campaign, Issa easily won a congressional seat in a conservative district near San Diego, where voters seemed unconcerned about the then two-decade-old tales from his youth.” I won’t rehash the decades old tales here, because that would be to do Lizza’s bidding.


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