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SDCTA: Efforts Already Underway to Roll Back Recently Passed Pension Reform

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
posted by Thor's Assistant

from the San Diego County Taxpayers Association

Efforts Already Underway to Roll Back Recently Passed Pension Reform


At the starting line of the 2013 legislative session in Sacramento, lawmakers backed by public employee labor unions are already looking for ways to roll back the modest pension reforms the state legislature passed last year at Governor Brown’s urging.

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association warned taxpayers that the governor’s pension plan was merely a political ploy to pass Proposition 30 and billions of dollars in new taxes.

On Monday, lawmakers introduced legislation to provide exceptions to employees enrolled in the new and reformed lower cost pension plans. Additionally, the state’s pension administrator, CalPERS, issued a letter indicating it is taking a loose interpretation of the new pension reform bill. While the bill was intended to limit employee pension calculations to base pay only, CalPERS believes specialty pays should be included in the calculation.

Taxpayers must remain vigilant in demanding reforms to the state’s bloated pension system as a means to reduce the tens of billions of dollars in unfunded debt future generations are on the hook for paying, and to ensure education and other state programs don’t take a back seat to government employee pensions.

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JOURNALISTS: If you would like to discuss this report with an SDCTA representative please contact Tony Manolatos (619-549-0137 | to schedule an interview.


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