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Christine Rubin is Soft on Second Amendment Rights

Thursday, June 3, 2010
posted by Jim Kelly

Second amendment rights are important.  They are important because they are rights granted to us by the Constitution,  from the very inception of our nation.  For years now liberal progressives have sought to chip away at those rights.  Christine Rubin, candidate for State Assembly in the 77th District, has recently declared publicly in the Family Values Voter Guide that she is in favor of the registration of those who own firearms.  How does this make Rubin anything other than an anti-second-amendment-liberal?


In the Family Values Voter Information Guide, 77th Assembly District candidate Christine Rubin states that she supports hate crimes legislation.  This position is antithetical to conservative thought.

It is important for the readers of Rostra to know that I am deeply opposed to the concept of thought crimes legislation.  I say thought crimes because the emphasis of such legislation is to have a chilling effect on thought and speech.


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