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You want to decide on the council districts, but you live where?

One is reminded of the local political phrase from a couple of decades ago, “The Los Angelization of San Diego,” used to oppose land use proposals that would apparently lead us all to hell in a handbasket.

The news is rippling through the polisphere that one of the City of San Diego Redistricting Commissioners, of the clearly partisan variety, has lived in LA for several months.  10News and KUSI are both reporting the story tonight.

It just happens to be Carlos Marquez, listed at the Empower San Diego website as “director of Community Programs and Public Affairs for the San Diego LGBT Community Center.”

Here’s 10News from 5 pm…

Could the work of this Commission get any more sordid?

Whether Marquez’ seeming residency somewhat to the north of San Diego means that we are all going to hell in a handbasket, well…that isn’t really known. What is known is that his service on the Commission would be illegal.

I heard another Rostra writer refer to the Redistricting Commission as Keystone Kops the other day.

At least the one in question is an LA Kop this time.

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