Yes, Research Gun Data

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Recently, shocking events morph into some unrelated actions. A shooting in a black church turned into taking down confederate monuments.  Mass shootings are turning into a debate on the CDC not being allowed to research gun deaths.  Truth is the CDC has never been stopped from researching, it just got its funding cut and for good reason.  Several CDC Senior researchers in the 90s had a political agenda trying to make the case to ban guns, not just research.

Now there are plenty of think tanks and research firms that can do it without tax dollars. But we should research gun data. Not just the violent crime and homicides and suicides.  No, we need data on how many times guns have saved lives. Currently, this is not reported. Requiring law enforcement to report if a gun thwarted a burglary or rape or homicide or any crime is needed and we don’t have good numbers for it. We don’t have numbers on how concealed carry lowers the violent crime rate. The left wants data to make the case to ban guns. We need more data to show that self-defense isn’t just a right it works often.

Elliot Schroeder is a past Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of San Diego.


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