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Winners and Losers… My Take

WINNER **LORI ZAPF**. Well I know it’s obvious she won the election, and of course that makes her a winner, but it’s more than that. Talk to the wags downtown – particularly the corporate or public relations class – and she was a sure loser (same folks coincidentally that thought Measure D was a great idea). Zapf’s win wasn’t just her own: it was a victory for the non-chamber types of real business people and the local GOP who didn’t give up when they were told they couldn’t win.

LOSER **LABOR COUNCIL**. After the Obama boosted ass kicking by labor in 2008 I always had the feeling, to turn a phrase, that they were born on 3rd base and thought they hit a triple. Both labor candidates lost in the City of San Diego. The Republicans dominated Oceanside and Escondido. The labor funded tax hikes went down in flames. Both Republican Supervisors were re-elected.

WINNER **THE ANTI D CAMPAIGN**. Underfunded. Against the Chamber of Commerce, Labor, and the “Republican” Mayor. But these bulldogs dug in their heals and just started chewing. It wasn’t even close. Further, this measure’s failure changes the game: it’s now all about cutting rather than increasing taxes.

LOSER **THE SAN DIEGO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE**. Why any self-respecting business owner would join this organization is beyond me. It’s largely run by hacks and corporate types that don’t give a rip about San Diego. Our Chamber got involved in a tax hike on business, but not in supporting pro-business candidates (actually that might be good their record is hardly stellar). They are an embarrassment.

WINNER **JOHN HOY**. Political consultant John Hoy and his team had a big night with the Zapf win over Democrat consultant Jennifer Tierney. As mentioned above, this was supposed to be a “no-brainer” for Wayne, an aggressive, well funded candidate. Didn’t turn out that way.

LOSER **MAYOR SANDERS**. Unless he comes around to real spending cuts instead of games, at the end of the Mayor’s period in office he will leave the city worse than he found it. You might not love Steve Francis, but I don’t think there is any question that he wouldn’t by crying that it’s an income rather than a spending problem. Ever regret your vote?

Feel free to add more… this is just a starting point.

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