Will Somebody Please Sue Chula Vista Already?

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So, back in February Will Carless at VOSD wrote an article that apparently didn’t stir any lawyers into action. I am hoping my little blurb will get something going. I am sure we all remember Prop H, Cheryl Cox’s second failure to raise taxes in Chula Vista. Remember, Prop H was a tax increase that expanded the reach of the City’s User Utility Tax (UUT) to include cell phones, internet charges, etc. and it failed miserably in November. The crazy thing is that the City of Chula Vista has continued to collect this tax from it’s cell carriers and has not issued a letter to discontinue collections to these companies. Their explanation in the VOSD article is that they are waiting to see if any citizens file a lawsuit to challenge the tax…?????? WHAT??????

Since when is it okay for a City to collect a tax that was decisively voted down by the citizens? Last time I checked when an item on a ballot fails it makes it ILLEGAL to collect? Please, if there is an attorney in the midst share with us the legalese that allows the City to continue collecting this money.

Chula Vista is actually “storing” the collections away into an account in case someone challenges it, so they will have the money to repay it. However, according to one source, there is a loophole for the City. As the City collects that money it can spend it freely once it has “owned” the money for a year. Sounds to me like Chula Vista would rather keep this illegal taxation quiet for a few more months so Cheryl and her cronies can spend away!

Cox seems to enjoy being nominated (and in most cases winning) the San Diego Taxpayer’s Golden Fleece Awards every year (she is 3 for 5 as Mayor so far), so maybe she just wants another nomination. Well, return the money or not, I have a feeling she’ll be nominated again, and in her own words during her acceptance speech at next year’s Fleece Awards, maybe she can just tell the citizens the continued tax collection was her way of saying “Flock You” to the voters of Chula Vista.

In my humble opinion I think the voters are tired of being “flocked” again and again in Chula Vista!


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