Why Recalling Filner Matters

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Some Republicans have privately told me that they are sitting out the effort to recall Mayor Filner, saying it makes little difference to governing San Diego and that the GOP might be better off if Filner drags down Democrats.  I wholeheartedly disagree. Exhibit A is the July 30 ordinance requiring a “prevailing wage” for city contracts for public works and maintenance efforts.

As a taxpayer, I want to get the most out of each dollar that goes out on contract.  Since the “prevailing wage” law increases the cost to the city, how is this in my benefit?  It is not, and no amount of arguing about the “social benefits” of a “prevailing wage” will convince me otherwise.  As long as the unions call the shots, the cost of local government will go up until we can’t afford any public services at all, see Detroit.  The left wing web site Media Matters took the U-T editorial board to task for saying the “prevailing wage” will only increase city costs by $13 million not the $26 million claimed.  When even the left acknowledges that costs will increase, you know this is a bad bargain for taxpayers.

Is there any doubt that this bill passed only because Bob Filner is mayor?  Is there any doubt that he will push organized labor’s agenda at the expense of the taxpayer as long as he remains in office?  The “prevailing wage” law isn’t grounds for recall, but it adds impetus to the effort because the mayor’s actions have legitimately opened the door to such a campaign.


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  1. When is someone in the media going to point out that the unions are a massive special interest..whose only interest is to fatten their coffers on the backs of tax payers, and elect more socialist, big government politicians?

    When Lorena says: “We don’t cede that and we ensure that we can distinguish the difference between a jerk that we elected as mayor and what our progressive movement stands for”, she means more of the same policies that are bankrupting our state, many liberal run cities, destroying our schools (thank to teachers unions), and pushing for a one size fits all, top down government health care disaster.

    Bob is a jerk, but also a hard left liberal whose only focus is on growing government, emboldening the unions, while feeding feel good nonsense about the middle class and giving power back to the people. It is all about union power and bigger government. Voters beware.

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