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Why does city of San Diego have free police and fire academies?

Why do the city of San Diego police and fire departments provide “free” (city paid) academy training and generous student salaries without any employment commitment?

As I understand it, the other cities in the county expect their applicants (at least the firefighter applicants) to go to school to get their firefighter certification at their own expense — and with no salary.

Are these cities’ firefighting services substandard compared to the city of San Diego? I’ve heard no such complaint.

If one goes to Annapolis or West Point for a free education, one is obligated for a four year stint serving in the U.S. military. Everyone understands this is a fair arrangement.

If a graduating San Diego city police or firefighter cadet leaves the department for another public safety job within, say, six years after graduation, should not they have to pay back to the city at least a prorated share of their training costs? Of course, that assumes the city even needs to be in the academy business in the first place.

Apparently our city politicians think that money grows on trees on the roof of City Hall. I suspect they are cultivating a more potent weed up there.

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