Why Benghazi Doesn’t Get Any Traction

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It’s been stumping the GOP why Benghazi doesn’t resonate with the public. GOP voters are certainly fired up about it, rightly so. But among the left and independents they just shrug it off, why?

It’s a hard question. Considering how it’s believed that American casualties in Vietnam hurt the war effort, it should mean something, right? Or the casualties in Mogadishu shown later in “Black Hawk Down” that made Clinton rethink the mission there. Or the casualties in Iraq seen as a large factor in the 2006 Democratic mid-term win and Rumsfeld’s departure. With Benghazi has Americans become desensitized to casualties after years of war?

My working assumption is that the Americans don’t associate those that died in Benghazi (Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors and former Navy SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty) as servicemen. They aren’t picturing them as 18 year olds that signed up for college money. These were professionals who volunteered for dangerous assignments.

Its callous and a shame they are being disregarded, but we’ve seen this before. American Special Operators in El Salvador and other Central American countries in the 1980s lost their lives and there were no protests. The public saw an all-volunteer force and special operators as those “knowing what they got themselves into.” We need to value all Americans that serve, in uniform, in agencies, or as contractors. But more importantly, just because people volunteer for dangerous assignments doesn’t mean they are expendable. When those missions go wrong, like Benghazi, leadership needs to be held accountable for their failures. Let’s honor those that lost their lives and not let poor leadership get a pass.


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  1. Give me a break. This is pure politics and you damn well know it. There were over a dozen embassy attacks under the last administration and none of you said anything. Poor leadership always gets a pass when it’s a Republican. BTW that’s over 5 million of your money spent on this B.S.. If you reverse the parties in this situation I can imagine the howling from this blog.

  2. Founding Father,
    Using a remote app just now, my thumb was too big and the screen was too small, accidentally rendering your comment to cyber-hell instead of to the blog. I can’t retrieve it. I am so sorry. It may be too much to hope you have it saved someplace to copy and paste into another comment, but please post it again if you can. Again, my apologies.


  3. TA- No worries…I will rephrase-
    Hillary Sycophants-

    Riddle me this:

    How do you process the completely fabricated “video” narrative crafted by the WH and promulgated by them that was the OFFICIAL US position after the Benghazi Massacre?

    What is your explanation why the WH (and Ms. Clinton agreeing) to have Susan Rice, the UN Ambassador with no operational ties to the diplomatic or military aspects of Benghazi was sent to advance the fictitious video meme?

    Why did Ms. Clinton, who is spending a great deal of money time and effort to convince the American people that she is prepared to the C-in-C NOT “man up” and take to the Sunday shows in Ms. Rice’s place to take on the slings and arrows of scrutiny on the quaff of the video lie?

    How do supporters of HRC explain Ms. Clinton’s lamenting of the murders of the 4 American Officials at their funerals and with the respective families watching and listening to her now knowing she knew the meme on the video was a lie?

    How is it HRC supporters can pull the lever for her for POTUS when she clearly failed her own “3 a.m.” test?

    Why did the National Command Authority tell the Marine FAST Team and other Special Ops assets in-Theater to stand down while the combat action in Benghazi was still unfolding?

    Why were the contingent of security personnel, to include Marines and SOF, told to stand down while the conflict ensued as their C-130 was spinning on the tarmac to provide immediate re-enforcement?

    Why do we still not know why the head of the State Dept, HRC, not follow up with a direct phone call to the embassy personnel after she was informed the Ambassador had been killed?

    Where was Ms. Clinton immediately following the attack? Why do the American people not know that?

  4. I’m shocked, shocked to find out there is politics here. At least McCarthy admitted it. While the left refuses to admit anything they do is politically motivated.

  5. Americans are certainly (and sadly) desensitized to professional Warriors’ deaths but, as sad is the desinsitization to politicians who lie– Americans expect it now.

    Hillary Clinton was called a “congenital liar” by William Safire in 1996. That was twenty years ago so maybe she’s changed her ways? Nope. She lied about her slut shaming attacks of Lewainsky, lied about orchestrating the pardon of Puerto Rican terrorists, lied about her Iraq war votes, lied about her campaign calling Obama a Kenyan, lied about Benghazi, and lied about her emails.

    Hillary Clinton is still a congenital liar and people will vote for her anyway

  6. Let’s not forget her rich yarn on dodging and evading “sniper’ fire in Bosnia…(they walked across the tarmac with little girls handing her flowers with a band playing..) so much for her “Harm’s Way” meme.

    Especially damning is her firing by the one of the Chief Counselors for the Watergate Hearings when she worked as a 27 y/o staffer. He fired her “because she is a liar and displayed unethical behavior as an attorney.”



    (drops mike)

  7. Sedition at its best. Arlen Spectre and his intern, Hildabeast. Was William Safire a straight shooter. Was Joseph Kraft?

    My hero is Herb Klein. Brian you have not a clue. Jordan, do you think that McCarthy is above Black Mail? Who is the Mole in the Issa office?

    This was superb Playhouse Drama. This was not only Wag the Dog, it was Wag the Dog then slam it’s head into a wall. The Issa/Gowdy committee would play well at the La Jolla High School Auditorium.

    3+8 =

  8. Wow, you folks are really down on our next president, HRC.

    The Republicans are like cannibals, they are eating their own.

    She will win by a large margin.

    Not what I want but I’m a realist.

  9. Ultimately, here’s why the issues gets “no traction.”

    “Perhaps I should explain what I mean by “drivel.” I could write “lies,” but these are only possible to those who have criteria for the truth. Drivel is what people talk who have no such criteria. The fact that what they’re saying may be true, or untrue, is of no significance to them. It is enough that it sounds plausible. The truthful man knows when he is lying; the postmodern man neither knows nor cares. He can believe himself “good,” as drivellers will do, because truth doesn’t come into it.”


  10. Good point, Founding Father.
    Unfortunately, today, neither do many self proclaimed “conservatives,” even if for very different reasons.

    Morality isn’t too judgmental for them; it’s too impractical.

    They say we need a man of realpolitik who, regardless of character or ethical merit, can “get things done;” one who is able to “negotiate” and cut out all the red tape.

    Of course, few prescriptions could be less conservative. I wonder how they came to regard themselves as such?

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